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Top 10 QB in NFL History?

I know this question has been posed before, but now that Brett Favre has broken every meaningful passing record, many people are re-evaluating his place in NFL history. What is your "Top 10 List" for all time NFL quarterbacks? Please feel free to add details for why you feel each QB belongs in the position you put them. I will post my list when I choose my best answer.

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Ok -- Time to Choose a best answer, but first, here is my list:

1. Johnny Unitas (BAL) -- In a non-passing era, Unitas passed for a TD in 47 consecutive games...unheard of consistency.

2. Joe Montana (SF) -- Not a ton of gaudy numbers, but no one else had as much of the "it" factor when it counted

3. Otto Graham (CLE) -- Led his team to 10 straight Championship games, winning 7. Revolutionized forward pass. Was 105-17-4 in his career as Browns starter. WOW! Also, how could you not like a QB w/ an OL jersey number.

4. Tom Brady

5. Brett Favre - needs 1 more ring

6. John Elway

7. Sammy Baugh

8. Dan Marino

9. Len Dawson

10. Peyton Manning (could climb to #1 w/ 3 more rings) best student of the position I've ever seen. Work ethic and talent is a dangerous combination.

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    1) Johnny Unitas - Damn near perfected the forward pass

    2) Joe Montanna-Biggest system QB ever, with great talent around him, but one cool cat under pressure

    3) Brett Favre-Believe it or not, better td to INT ration than marino and Elway, toughest player ever at the position, great leadership, has the arm and the touch. If he makes it to the SB this year and plays well, I mov him up to #2, maybe #1

    4)John Elway-Real similar to Favre, but did not win a couple SBs early in his career. But he is a winner.

    5)Warren Moon-This is close between him and Marino, but I give Moon the edge b/c 1) black, when there was no black qbs (extra pressure) 2) great stats, even with time lost by playing in CFL, 3) did not have a great team around hin

    6)Marino-I put him here for a couple reason 1)never a big game winner 2) while he has one of the best releases ever, part of his stats are skewed when you consider her threw it 50 times a game 3)injury prone 4) his last couple years his number were horrible, just horrible.

    7)Otto Graham- During his era, who else would you take over him?

    8)Fran Tarkenton-See above

    9) Tom Brady-number 9 with a bullet. It has taken me a while but I am becoming more and more amazed with this guy. he is like a more talented Joe Montanna. Two years from now he may be top 5, and top 3 by time he retires.

    10) Terry Bradshaw- 4 rings, cool under pressure,

    Honorable mention (in no order) Joe Namath, Roger Staubach, Troy Aikmen

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    1. John Elway

    2. Brett Favre

    3. Joe Montana

    4. Peyton Manning

    5. Johnny Unitas

    6. Dan Marino

    7. Ryan Leaf

    8. Bart Starr

    9. Terry Bradshaw

    10. Tom Brady

  • 1. Dan Marino

    2. Joe Montana

    3. Brett Favre

    4. Steve Young

    5. Johnny Unitas

    6. Terry Bradshaw

    7. John Elway

    8. Peyton Manning

    9. Tom Brady

    10. Frank Tarkenton

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    1. Joe Montana

    2. Johnny Unitas

    3. John Elway

    4. Sid Luckman

    5. Brett Favre

    6. Steve Young

    7. Terry Bradshaw

    8. Tom Brady

    9. Dan Marino

    10. Peyton Manning

    Honorable Mentions: Dan Fouts, Bart Starr, Troy Aikman, Warren Moon, Fran Tarkenton, and Sammy Baugh

    I starred you.

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    1. Joe Montana

    2. Tom Brady

    3. John Elway

    4. Peyton Manning

    5. Johnny Unitas

    6. Dan Marino

    7. Terry Bradshaw

    8. Bart Starr

    9. Brett Favre

    10. Steve Young

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    In no friggin order: Joe Montana Dan Marino John Elway Brett Favre Johnny Unitas Fran Tarkenton Peyton Manning Terry Bradshaw Tom Brady (shudder) Steve Young Bart Starr

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    1. Dan Marino

    2. Johnny Unitas

    3. John Elway

    4. O. Graham

    5. Peyton Manning

    6. Terry Bradshaw

    7. Brette Favre

    8. Steve Young

    9. Terry Bradshaw

    10. Troy Aikman

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    1. Dan Mariono

    2.Joe Montana

    3.John Unites

    4.Terry Bradshaw

    5.Steve Young

    6.Brett Favre

    7.Tom Brady

    8. Peyton Manning

    9.Dan Pastorini

    10.John Elway

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    1.Brett Farve

    2.John Elway

    3.Dan Marino

    4.Joe Montana

    5.Warren Moon

    6.Fran Trankenton

    7.Johnny Unites

    8.Peyton Manning

    9.Roger Staubach

    10.Tom Brady

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    Top 10...not in any specific order

    Dan Marino - most prolific passer in NFL history

    John Elway - If I had just one drive to win a Super Bowl, I wouldn't want any other QB

    Joe Montana - Captain Cool...never felt pressure and I would want him if I had just one play to win the Super Bowl

    Peyton Manning - the modern Johnny Unitis, calls his own plays, and is the best field general in NFL history

    Tom Brady - is just like Joe Montana but with a better arm

    Brett Favre - his passion, skills & longevity make him the Nolan Ryan of the NFL

    Bart Starr - Called his own plays and if you question his ability, watch the Ice Bowl against the Cowboys.

    Terry Bradshaw - may not have been the best QB but he had the 'IT' factor and lead his team to 4 Super Bowl Championships

    Fran Takenton - 47,000 passing yards, 342 td passes, 1975 MVP, played in 4 super bowls...enough said

    Jim Kelly - Played in an unprecedented four straight Super Bowls...and if it weren't for the dominate NFC East at the time, he would have won a few of those Super Bowls

    QB's on the bubble...Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Warren Moon, Bob Griese, Len Dawson, Dan Fouts & Steve Young

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