Which team do you hate the most in college football.?

I pick Michigan.

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  • me
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    1 decade ago
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    I agree Michigan.

    I don't like teams that have cocky ****** fans, I know all teams do but teams like Michigan, and LSU, and USC seem to have more bad fans than good fans. They call other people cocky when all I hear is these other teams defending their teams, when they talk trash, like the classless ******* they are. I think a lot NOT ALL but a lot of SEC fans seem to be like that, or maybe it's just the ones on here.

    Anyone who hates Notre Dame is a dumb ***, they say lies like Notre Dame will get into a bowl game no matter their record that isn't true. How can someone hate a school that actually tries to get good athletes and not thugs, their players have to have one of the highest if not highest GPA just to get on the team, why would anyone not like a team like that, it shows that people only care about winning and not about class and sportsmanship. I do agree their fans aren't as good sports as they used to be but their players are the highest quality on and off the field... OK right now more off the field than on. HA

    who ever has Terrance W. as a fan, because he must be a half wit, not to have seen that the Buckeye Miami game wouldn't have even had to go to overtime, if there were some bad pass interference and holding calls in the 4th quarter, the Hurricaned would have lost in regulation otherwise, and I watched it over and over that was a good call, lay of the crack buddy.

    I'm like the guy who said he respects them but doesn't like them in reference to Michigan, it's funny to here them now talking trash because 2 words


    I do root for all Big Ten teams even Michigan in bowl games.

  • knavel
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    4 years ago

    Ohio State (perenial #a million for hated group) Notre Dame (I hate them simply by fact they gained't flow 0-12) Florida USC Miami (FL) Michigan State Western Michigan (associates do no longer permit associates flow to Western) Virginia Tech (won't be able to truly clarify it) South Carolina (gets too lots press for a 6-5 group) Oklahoma (should not be ranked in front of unbeaten Kansas)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hate is a Harsh word but I can Honestly say I hate The Michigan Wolverines .

    Go Buckeyes.

  • 1 decade ago

    Penn State! They are coached by an arrogant old fart...who should have retired 20 years ago. Yet, the media still treats him like a god. He has a team full of thugs, who constantly make the news. Then get a slap on the wrist as punishment. The recent behavior of the Penn State team and its coach make Rich Rodriguez look like a nice guy.

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  • 1 decade ago


    I respect the talent and ability of Oklahoma. I live in Oklahoma, but I am a fan of Kansas State. We have Oklahoma the next 2 years, so I have to say Oklahoma. They are arguably developing their greatest team since the 70's and could quite possibly win it all next year. All I want for K State is a Big 12 Championship, and for that we'll have to play OU twice...not looking good

    Source(s): To all my OU fan friends, I am sorry, I mean no disrespect, but OU is going to blow all our dreams....Unless we repeat 2003(LOL)
  • 1 decade ago

    I HATE MICHIGAN!!! but in arespectable way you should with a rivalry with me being an Ohio state fan and living in Columbus but I aloso dislike Notre Dame for some reason.

    Source(s): Living in Columbus, Ohio
  • 1 decade ago

    As a Pitt fan, I hate WVU...but I think I just might hate Penn State more.

    I realize that Pitt and Penn State don't even play each other anymore, but that is because of Penn State's idiotic AD, instead of having a home-home, he wants Penn State to have 2 home games for every 1 Pitt home game! Idiot!!

    I would root for WVU if they ever played Penn State in a bowl game.

  • 1 decade ago

    The team i hate the most is notre dame. Their always thewords i hear whenever i ask someone whats your favorite college football team. I hate them for two reasons

    1. They were always a racist team

    2.They pay more attention to religion than football

    Did you know that at one time in the 1970's they had only white people on their team. They didn't even allow black people.

  • 1 decade ago

    As a Georgia Tech fan, I'm supposed to hate Georgia. I really don't hate them but I don't like them. My favorite teams are Georgia Tech, Navy, Army, Clemson and whoever is playing Georgia ha, ha.

  • 1 decade ago

    Being a fan of USC, my most hated teams are UCLA and Notre Dame

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