Why did Miami (Dolphins) have such a bad year?

They have a good defense. So why did they stink?

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    It started when they lost Trent Green and passed on Brady Quinn in the 2007 NFL Draft. They drafted Ted Ginn Jr. instead who is good but they needed a QB. They did however draft QB John Beck in the 3rd Round but he sucks. Also during the season they lost Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams to injury. They made poor free agency decisions such as wasting all of their money on Joey Porter. I am a Steelers fan so I love Joey but the Dolphins didn't need him.

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    They trade away their good players!!! Wes Welker was a trade from the Dolphins!! Now get this 7 of the Patriots are former dolphins. Wonder what that team would be like if they kept their 7 players.They have a new first year coach. Defense if only part of the team. There needs to be a good offense and a good special teams.

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    No one mentioned that their team is very different now than it was in training camp. Their QB, RB, and #1 WR are all different guys than last year, or even the beginning of the season. They do have a good defense, but if you make the D to stay on the field 45 out of 60 minutes, you can't expect good numbers from them. Hopefully Ronnie Brown will be back and they'll make some good moves in the offseason--I hate having teams that suck in the league.

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    1. The roster talent is awful. The best players on the roster were drafted in the '90s, and they've drafted almost nothing but busts since Jimmy Johnson retired. Hardly anybody drafted '00-'05 is even on the roster!

    2. Multiple injuries at QB (Green), RB (Brown, Chatman), LB (Zach Thomas) and SS (five of them).

    3. Bad, bad QB play.

    4. A first-time NFL head coach whose previous college head coaching attempt was a disaster.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, they USED to have a good defense. Now they have Jason Taylor. Zach Thomas was officially in decline even before he got hurt. Poor drafts have killed the Dolphins. They don't have a single draft pick from 1998-2003 who's still on the roster.

  • 1 decade ago

    the offense stinks like hell. No recievers, Ted Ginn is not a great route runner, so you can't count on him to be a go-to-guy. No running game and even with Ronnie Brown, the O-line wasn't opening enough holes and wasnt protecting the QB.

    Bottom line, no skill players and a terrible o line? You're a goner.

  • 1 decade ago

    No QB, no running game, they traded Chris Chambers, and when your defense is on the field 45 out of 60 minutes, they get tired. Oh yeah, Cameron is a decent off-coordinator, but he is no head coach.

  • 1 decade ago

    They had a good defense? They have had a bad year because the following areas of their team have played poorly:

    Offense, Defense, Special Teams.

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    1 decade ago

    A bunch of things...

    -Ronnie Brown went down.

    -Trent Green went down.

    -Zach Thomas went down.

    -Injuries, not enough quality depth.

    -They traded their only legitimate, proven WR (Chambers)

    -They are aging on both lines

    Cam Cameron is no dummy. You'll have to be patient, and hopefully they'll make better use of their draft picks this year...

  • 1 decade ago

    tons of bad decisions. passing on Brady Quinn, acquiring Trent Green are the 2 foremost.

    They also lost a lot of close games as well. They aren't quite as bad as their record indicates. Losing Zach Thomas early on was a big hit as well.

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