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About American University/College's (Major/Minors/Honors)?

Can Someone Please Explain The Major /Minor System and Double Majors To Me. Also Where Do Honors Come into All Of This.

Is It Possible To Do a Double Major, 1 (of The Majors) being an Honors Course , Or Even To Do a Double Major with a subsequent Minor. Please help I Really need to understand this System.

P.S Why Does Stanford Only Offer an (undergrad.) Education Honors and not a plane education degree???

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    Major is the core of your course, those core subjects are must to be completed before you graduate and hopefully with flying colours.

    Minor is the additional ones or electives that you may chose from related subjects with you major or sometimes some universities do allow students to have minor that not related to major subjects.

    Honours is granted for a course that require the students to lead a year abroad, less or more, either to study in partner universities or having industrial training and most Hons degrees will get exemptions from professional bodies.


    BA (Hons) in Accounting = a single honours degree

    BA (Hons) in Accounting & Finance = a double awards degree

    BA (Hons) in Accounting with Business Studies = a single honours degree with related minor

    BA (Hons) in Accounting with Psychology = a single honours degree with not related minor

    Most BA (Hons) in Accounting will gained exemptions from ACCA, CPA & CIMA, not for the whole professional accreditation, but the exemptions carved 3/4 of the accreditation.

    As for Stanford University, through, you're probably right, only undergraduate programmes are being offered. If you more enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact Stanford's staff.

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    American University Majors

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    Your major is your central course of study. You normally declare your major when you apply to a university. You can add on a major once you get to the university and thus double major. Minors are optional and they usually consist of a few requirements (4 or 5 classes) in a subject.

    Honors programs are not always offered at all the schools in the US. They have different criteria... some of them are by invitation only, some of them have a separate application. If you are admitted into the honors program, you can take as many honors courses as you wish. You don't even have to make every subject in your major an honors class. So it doesn't matter which honors classes you take. You can do a double major with a minor if you wish. and still be in honors.

    At Stanford the Honors Education program is used only to complement another major you already have. It's not a major/degree on its own.

    Hope this helps!

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    Please consult the Fulbright organization for furhter help with regards to your question.

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    All the best!

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