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michr asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

Is it just my imagination.............................?

or is it correct that a lot of the republicans running for the presidental nomination have made a career of working for the government. These are the same politicians in the party that thinks government is bad and we don't need most of it. I know democrets have made a career of public service but they don't complain about how awful it is. Just wondering would love insight from both sides.

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    NO matter what the Republicans who answer you say, you have the perception right. Republicans pretend to run against intrusive government, but it is always under Republican leadership that our government becomes more intrusive... Joe McCarthy, Nixon's lists, Reagan and Bush's CIA spy games, Bush 2's 'patriot' act.

    The Republicans and their apologists are the problem... but they'll lie to make it seem otherwise.

    Ron Paul is a perfect example. Most of the people in thrall with him think he is anti-corporate. But he is the exact opposite. He wants the corporations to be beyond law and regulation.

    It's easy to tell these kinds of lies to a public that's half drugged by celebrity nonsense, and fully drugged with pharms.

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    Your understanding of the republican view of the government is flawed. They, as a party, do not think government is bad. They just dislike the government having a say in the way they live their lives. This is not to say that they do not think government is necessary.

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    They don't think government is bad. They believe that too much government intruding in the life of the individual is bad.

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    TADA! A light comes on! Congratulations!

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    1 decade ago

    it's just your imagination.

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