If you were a phone, would you like to be cordless, with cord, retro phone with rotary dial, wallphone,?

payphone (hmmm..), 911 office phone, or a cellphone?

Tell me what kind of phone you'd rather be and I'll tell you what kind of person you are.
Update: I'll tell you my vibrations when I finally choose the best answer. ;)
Update 2: Okies im telling you now my vibrations hehe:

1st Answerer: you're a big animation fan ;)
Update 3: 2nd answerer: you love things for their sentimental value
Update 4: 3rd answerer: you have a headphone fetish (your avatar suggests that too..lol)

4th answerer: you don't work hard, you work smart
Update 5: 5th: you love being compensated for even the little efforts that you do :)

6th: you wuv music! (obviously..hehe)
Update 6: 7th: you dreamed of being a scientist or an astronaut as a kid.. am i right?

8th; you love going to one-stop shops
Update 7: 9th: you loved making prank calls as a teenager lol

10th: you love taking pics! hehe
Update 8: 11th: playful ;)

12th: you're constantly amazed by the wonders of Science

13th: you call a lot of girls lol jk

14th: you'll always be a kid at heart :)
Update 9: 15th: you put a premium on convenience

16th: you love having a convenient phone that can double as a massager..lol

17th: you're an old-fashioned romantic. just don't get too kinky with the cord..hehe
Update 10: 18th: you love Campbell's? lol

19th: you love antiques, and treasure things with sentimental values

20th: you love helping people and always being there for your family and friends.
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