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Would British soldiers who fought and gave their lives for this country in WW2 be happy in the UK today or?

Would they be turning in their graves at what it has become? Did they fight to protect a sovereign nation only for it to handed away to Johnny foreigner?

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    My old man - God rest his soul - was a RM Commando. Sicily, Italy, Raids into occupies Europe and left his best mate dead on the beach at Arromanches in the first wave on D-day - all by the time he was 21. Wounded twice and went to an early grave because of it.

    He used to sit and shake his head back then and say " I think of all the lads that were lost - and for what??"

    My wife's uncle is 84 - WW2 Army Commando Far East campaign. His comments are along the same lines as my father's - but not printable. I think " fecking joke" sums his feelings up.

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    Don't know about the handed away to Johnny Foreigner bit.

    Because I don't think that it has. Plus there were a lot of troops that didn't come from here who fought shoulder to shoulder with us. Just for one, the Ghurkas. From Nepal. One of the most feared regiments in the world. They sign up to our army willingly. Then Canada, Australia, India and Poland and many others sent their sons.

    BUT as for what this country has become in terms of decency, morality and respect. Then yes. And it saddens me.

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    If you want some simple truths about the state of the country and war. Watch the programme MASH on channel 128 in UK.

    There is more truth in that series than you would ever get from the PC Brigade.

    I know it was in an American Hospital but it holds true for all MASH units in UK. I know I worked in them.We call them Field Hospitals.

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    Soldiers I think began to see the true nature of the world and the worst ill in it. That ill was bigotry xenophobia and racism. Something they really noticed the ones that were in the far east. They saw the way the Japanese looked at others and began to see what an evil them ideas were.

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    Those that sadly died during the conflict and those that have died since will surely be turning in their graves. The veterans I speak to are absolutely appalled at the state of the country and the way it has been handed on a plate to a bunch of losers,

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    They would be turning in their graves.

    They fought against a fascist European dictatorship intent on creating a European Superstate. Now what do we have? a European Superstate ran by facsist European dictators-in-suits.

    And the best of all Gordie signed us over without a bullet being fired.

    All of their lives were in vain. They fought to make a difference, now Hitler and Mussolini will be laughing from beyond their graves. After 60 years they finally got what they wanted, all thanks to the liberal left.

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    Of course not. Back then, the UK was still a Patrist society. Now, it's heavily Matrist society. Fabian Socialism has infected your nation thru your "leaders". It's happening in the US, but not to the same degree. Sorry, bud.

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    I'm sure they are rolling in their graves just like our founding fathers are probably doing over the situation in our country.Your country has been ruined by Political correctness and socialism just like the left is trying to do to America.

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    i think a lot of people have thought about this one. i for one think they would wonder why they bothered to defend this nation of pathetic losers. they gave their lives while Europe looked on so they could have a decent life. of course most won't think or bother about that now, probably seeing them as war mongers and racists in this politically correct world. and probably even fools for fighting for their country. i for one do think of them and feel sorry for the fact that they seem to have lost their lives for nothing.

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    Said the same thing myself mate!! It's truly a DISGRACE!!

    All the do gooders that mock these statements will realise before long when they can't get jobs or can't afford to work for the rates offered!!

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