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Guys only, about girls...?

What kinda girls attract you?

And do they have to have a hairstyle in particular ?

If not, still tell me which you prefer (ex: with or without fringe, short or long etc)

Do you prefer boobs or but ??

Tell me just about everything please !!

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    Sad to say but the reason that we have som many people on this planet takes all kinds. Everybody thats their "things" and for everyone of those there is someone with that "thing" who like thier "things".

    Physical beauty is is said to be a mystery really it's not most people prefer healthy bodies in mates but that range of what is healthy is HUGE. There are few universals but here you go.

    Healthy is top

    Next up is is how you display your sexual characteristics. For women it is how well does your breasts, hips, but and over all femine body show up to males. Example, if you have curvy hips how well do your breasts show up? do they overpower or dissapear. In the face do you have large lips (sign of high estrogen production) if you do and they are pale do you need more contrast in your face and or hair this sort of thing.

    Above all else you know what men want? A woman intersted in them that fits with what they like mentaly and emotionaly and that's a friend, not just a nice piece.

    The desire to be "attractive" for women is a genetic one in my opinion as it is for men to "win" or compete for a woman. If you really want a mans attention don't ask another woman ask the guy you want himself but don't change just for him if you don't like what he does.

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    I know. If the guy hit the girl first it is terrible, beat his butt. If the girl hit the guy It really does all stem back to the whole men being bigger,stronger,tougher,whatever. But. If people did not notice yet, looks are very deceiving. The girl could be a ninja assassin for god's sake and trying to slice the poor guy in half but everyone is like...don't hit her!!! I am really sorry about the double standard fellas, I really am.I did not make them. I am a female too and unfortunately fought some boys before. I am not proud of it at all because they were not fast at all. They hit hard. Yes. But they were not able to grab me. They also started it, I never start anything with anyone and feel like you should defend yourself against anyone willing to violate your personal space.OR get some friends of the same gender as your attacker and have them kick their butt for you. That is what I did when other incidents like that happened. You do not have to stoop to their level either.

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    I love the way a women moves. they way they make me feel, the way they think, and of course how they look. Most of what I'm attracted to at first is superficial, the cover of the book. Then after the first few chapters, if the book has substance and depth I won't be able to put her down. That causes me to have to study her all night. To be a bit more detailed for you, I like a women to dress and act a little sleazy for me, not anyone else. The number 1 thing to a long term attraction for me is if she really likes men just the way we are. It takes a while for me to figure that out.

    Oh' and the parts...I like to lick the cake bowl clean the most.

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    I would probably say a girl with her own identity... but when it comes to looks.... not too short not too long hair.... a girl who knows how to use make up but doesn't over use it.... a girl that can dress up but not dress or look like a sl*t... boobs is another thing.... big is okay but i prefer them to be the natural boobs or else.... it would look that you're just after the boobs....

    too many boobs in one sentence.... my bad....

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    well,smart girls are good for all men,but if you have your

    own style, charisma if you are,clean,shy ,quiet and confident all these are a good quality for all men but the most important one that many many girls out there missed is

    how to make the man feel that he is a very special and unique

    not of course by arguing with him or challenge him but

    by let him feel that your life is impossible without him and the world itself would be different without him,let him feel a man by being a real female

    pretend it if you can't . then he will be mad about you.

    the secret is your feminine your weakness nothing is turn off for a man than an equal woman .

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    I tend to favour petite blondes.

    I have dated redheads and brunettes, but they are in the minority.

    I have dated large and small women ... I tend to prefer the smaller, slimmer ones.

    Long hair - shoulder length or longer.

    I like boobs better than butt.

    However it is all individual preference. You will find different guys like different things.

    For instance, I refuse to date a smoker. If I can't kiss her, I can't date her.

    I prefer women who like music and dance.

    I prefer intelligent women, especially those who are well read and who can hold a good conversation.

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    I have tried them all and all a bird needs is a good personality and to smell fresh and clean. There is no such thing as an ugly bird they all shine one way or another, All I ever looked for is a bird who can make me laugh and I'll turn her into a princess weather shes good looking or not

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  • A tall shapely girl, with long hair. I am a boob lover rather than a but one, but she needs a good sense of humour and great personality.

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    Well i am attracted to women what turns me on is. Blonds who have blue or green eyes. I like my woman tall and I perfer a woman with a small butt. I cant help it that's just the way i am.

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    hi evily, girls curvy but not fat, long hair the colour doesnt matter as long as i can make into a pony tail to get hold of when riding from behind, me into nice legs and a round a***, smaller boobs are better as long as the nips will harden, do you fit my criteria?

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