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Does any ones small dog race (gallop) around the house like a Little race horse?

She practically does laps from one room to the other (around the table in the living room to my bedroom and around the comupter chair lol)


Well are your answers are just great! Thank you, i was just checking because it's so fun too watch! I cannot choose a best answer because all are excellent answers!

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    My Lhasa does this, almost nightly (some reason he only does this at night, and maybe once in awhile during the day). I live in a 900 sq ft apartment, and he runs from the cat's bathroom, to the kitchen does a u-turn in the laundry room, speeds into my room, goes under the bed, then hops onto the bed, then jumps down runs to the bathroom, then runs to the living room, and repeats about 5000 times lol.

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    Well, my boss's little dog (when he's not injured) runs around the house leaping from furniture. He also attacks the cats, my dog and plays tug with the baby. (Supervised of course). The joys of hyperactive little terrors:D My 75lb 9month puppy does the same thing, he just does more damage.

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    My little corgi does this, though oddly it only happens AFTER I take her for a walk. Sometimes I am even able to coax her into it if she doesn't start running on her own (by running around the house myself).

    It is rather hilarious and she seems to enjoy it immensely.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    LOL!! Yes, we call it zoom doggy!! I love to watch them do this. They quit as they get older. Ours will sometimes chase each other around the room, up on the furniture, down on the floor, etc over and over.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Its Zoomies! They are expending their last little bit of energy before they lay down. My 46 lb puppy does this and sometimes knocks things down but he's been doing it since we had him.

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    My yorkie does when I take him outside to use the bathroom. It's such a hoot to watch! He parades around like he runs the whole neighborhood. =^)

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    i have a big 55-60lbs dog that bounches off the back side of the couch, im waiting for our couch to end up in the garage one of these days

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    Our MinPin thinks our house is an obstacle course.

    When we take him out for long walks he calms down inside (not always possible due to weather).

    If it bothers you, think about agility training or play-groups for her.

  • bob ©
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    1 decade ago

    ZOOMIES!!!! i have 2 paps and a big dog that LOVE to do zoomies around the house and up and down the hall.

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