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Please help, I am freezing but my mother wont allow me to put the heating on, she says?

"Malcolm there is plenty of space in my sleeping bag with me, we can keep each other warm"

I am trying to be faithful to Ms Minger and I have learnt that its wrong to do that with your own mother ... but I am freezing and she has a hot water bottle in there.

Please help.

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    I run into the same problem every night. My mom won't allow me to turn up the heat either...makes me SO mad. My mom has a sleeping bag we sleep in as well, and she carries a hot bottle of water to..Must be protocol or something. Makes me feel " at ease " or something when I'm snuggled up to the woman who gave birth to me, I feel safe or something...My wife tends to hate it though Malcolm, she say's I kick her everytime I roll over away from my mom.

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    Wear some clothes! Being faithful? The fact that you consider it unfaithful to be crammed in a sleeping bag with your mom says a lot. It is just gross on so many levels. At what point did you learn it was wrong to do that with your mother? Ms. Minger should be keeping you warm not mommy. Again... GROSS!!!

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    Heh! heh!

    I can't answer this question.... the answer is under control from above.

    But If I owned a television network, I would seiously, and I am sooooooooo not kidding... i would create a television show, the Crispy and Ms Minger show...

    You two are what prime time is missing!

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    Awww poor crispy, MInger should be keeping you warm at night! You need a good woman to take care of you. If you were mine ( a girl can dream) I would make sure you had a hot water bottle every night.

    Lots of hugs and a million kisses, raggy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Source(s): I have mad love for you.
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    Firstley why are you still living at home you really need to get you own place. Im not being horrible but i wouldnt stay at home if that was me. If your cold layer up with clothes if its your mams house what says goes. Buy a nice big thick duvet aswell you shouldent be sharing your mams sleeping bag thats just not right. You need your own inderpendace your a mummys boy and you need to get out of that stand on your own two feet that way you can have your own sapce and your own heating. Pluse it gives you a chance to grow up and be your own man. If you carry on doing what your doing your going to get reported.

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    maybe ms minger could climb in aswell for the added warmth

  • Anonymous
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    awww poor you why not get dressed and go jump in bed with Ms minger

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    give ms minger a call i am sure she will be your hot water bottle if you ask her nicely.

  • D
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    You need to put an SOS out to Ms Minger she will come to your rescue.

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