Guitar Hero 3: wii or 360?

For Christmas should i get Guitar Hero 3 for Wii or 360? I have seen both, and im leaning toward 360 but do you have any opinions?

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    In the October issue of Game Informer, the magazine gave a full review of Guitar Hero III: The review called the Wii guitar the best of the guitar peripherals, praising the vibration option.

    I have it on Wii and it's great. I think the 360 is probably the better system, particularly for graphics, but GH isn't exactly graphics intenstive.

    IGN rated them separately, giving it a 8.9 on 360&PS3, 8.6 on Wii and 8.0 on PS2.

    Gamespot/CNet gave it 8.0 on both.

    XBOX gives you the ability to download a couple of songs. Downloading for GH3 isn't yet available from Nintendo, but may be in the future.

    Teh gamespot review also says, "The Wii version lets you play both random players and friends, though the friend options are limited to game-specific friend codes. The Xbox 360 version probably has the greatest ease of use online, with all the standard Xbox Live accoutrements, as well as easy access to downloadable songs (though, depending on your opinion of the pricing of said songs, that might be a blessing or a curse). "

    Also Bret Michaels appears as himself in the 360 version only, for some reason. Not that that's any great thing.

    If you have a GH2 guitar already for XBox it will work on GH3, so that could be a factor.

    Having the guitar wireless withthe Wii is great. No wires getting in the way. However, you can't get a 2nd guitar with it until late January, unless you buy the whole bundle again.

    Gamespot's review goes on to say, the Wii "has the most unique guitar of all of the available versions, in that it features a connector for the Wii Remote. The remote fits snugly into a port on the back of the guitar, and the remote essentially takes over as the guitar's tilt sensor. It also does a few unique things, such as buzzing slightly when you engage star power, and playing all the missed note sounds through the Wii Remote speaker."

    Finally, it seems it's both easier to find and cheaper in the 360 version, if that's a factor.

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    The Wii version of the game has several exclusive features, since a Wii Remote must be inserted into the guitar controller. The game utilizes the Wii Remote's wireless capabilities and accelerometer, as well as making use of the rumble feature and the internal speaker:[26] The internal speaker on the Wii Remote is used to emit an effect when incorrect notes are hit; and the Wii Remote's rumble feature is utilized when Star Power mode is activated. While the Wii version has online play utilizing game-specific friend codes, downloadable content was not available at launch, although it may be available in the future.[27] The Wii and PS2 versions also use slightly different graphics and sounds from those on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, such as a different typeset, loading screen, and the Wii version featuring "screw up sounds" more akin to Guitar Hero I and II.

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    1 decade ago

    the wii has some extra features such as the inbuilt wii control, and assed on controls to help with selecting through the wii menu. but 360 has better graphics, but if ur tight for cash id go wii, but 360 is better, only graphics wise. But if u havent got any of the consoles and ur purchasing one along with the guitar hero 3, id go wii if u have friends over frequently coz wii kicks *** with other ppl playing but not to good single player, and 360 is good in both areas jus tthe wii is definately top notch mulyiplayer choice is PS3 but between the 2 360.

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    The 360 version has pretty quick load times and you would also have another guitar in case you decide to get Rock Band in the future. Never played Wii version though so I can't exactly compare.

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    I'd stay with 360 it has way better graphix and guitar hero is more specialized in 360 than wii.

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    this game is lot better for the wii i've tried them both and the wii version destroyed the 360 version

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    I have it for Wii but it's a pain in the @$$ to put the Wii remote in and out of the Guitar. Get the GH3 for X360. It's the genuinely right thing to do.

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    4 years ago

    Get it with your 360. The graphics on it will look better than on the wii or ps2.

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    1 decade ago

    Let's make this simple for you...if you want ATARI graphics and have to do jumping jacks all day long than get it for the Wii. If you actually want to utilize technology and come into the 21st century than you should get it for the 360.

    Source(s): With this advice you'll be wearing Gold Plated Diapers baby...SNL skit "More Cowbell."
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    360 it has downloadable content so you can download songs and play them where wii does not yet.

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