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Why do Christians think they know Jewish Messiah prophecy better than the Jews themselves?

According to the Bible, the Messiah is meant to:

Lead Jewish armies to victory in battle

End all war forever

Make the whole world speak one language

Make the whole world accept Torah

Not contradict the teachings of Moses

Jesus didn't do any of these. Why, then, do Christians still claim that he was the Jewish Messiah?

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    The Tanakh ('old' testament) gives us details of how to identify the real messiah.

    He or she will usher in world peace, rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, and several other things. And all of this must be accomplished within one normal, human lifetime. There are no second chances or second comings!

    The Tanakh also states that the real messiah will not perform any miracles or magic.

    Clearly, then, the Jews had every reason to know that Jesus was just one more false messiah.

    But Christianity teaches that Jesus is predicted in the Tanach - it is simply not true, though. Jesus is never specifically mentioned. Christians insist that the references to the messiah ARE referring to Jesus; they rely on wrongly translated Hebrew, though.

    One fairly well known example: Christians translate the Hebrew as stating that the messiah will be born to a 'virgin'.

    But the Hebrew word for 'virgin' is 'betulah' and this is NOT the word used! Instead, we find the word 'almah' which actually means 'young woman'.

    Jesus lived and died as a practising Jew. It was those that came along decades after his death that developed Christianity; Paul, especially. Yet Paul never even met Jesus!

    The only people who today follow the same religion that Jesus adhered to, are the Jews.


    - 'messianic jews' are NOT JEWISH. They are Christian, as proven by their belief in Jesus as messiah. Nobody can be both Jewish and Christian; just as nobody could be both Muslim and Catholic.

    Only Jewish religious law defines who is Jewish. If a person embraces Jesus as messiah, and the idea that Jesus was part divine, then they are from that time on an apostate.

    'messianic jews' exist to lure secular Jews away from Judaism; they are deceitful in the extreme.

    edit THANKS DEEZEE, that's so sweet :) - and you make excellent point about the messiah being from the house of David. I learned more from reading your answer, thank you!

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    Because we believe that many of the prophecies, of what we know as the Old Testament, were fulfilled in Jesus. The Jewish people are still looking toward the fulfillment of these prophecies. We believe that we are now in "The Time of the Gentiles" which will one day end with the return of the "Time of the Jews". Over the centuries there have been those who tried to teach that the "Time of the Jews" is over, but there is nothing to suggest that God has every discarded the Jewish People. We believe that we are currently in a "Time of the Gentiles" that will come to an end and that God at that time will once again interact with the Jewish people primarily. Over the past 20 centuries there have been those that have tried to say that the Jewish people no longer matter, that God is through with them and have used it as justification to harass and persecute them. There is nothing in the New testament to suggest that, only that for a time God has chosen to interact with the Gentiles, and that time will come to an end. It should be noted that only one author of the New Testament was not Jewish. It is believed that Luke may have been a gentile. I believe that Jesus lived his whole life as a Jew. Many of the early followers of Jesus considered themselves to be Jews. The differences and the personalities have clashed over the years and many have used that as an excuse to make claims against the Jewish people that are not supported by the evidence of the New Testament. Shalom.

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    I just love all the ignorant answers you get to this. See why it's hopeless? The Church has done the best brainwashing job in history on its followers, and nothing the Jews can say or do will change that. The followers of the Church will continue to believe in their doctrines adopted from ancient paganism (not Judaism), no matter what. And they will continue to believe that the Jews are blind, as part of that brainwashing job by the Church.

    You know, I've been following your questions and answers for quite some time, and I've come to the conclusion that you might actually have a Jewish soul. :D Well, in any case, glad you're around here.

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    Christianity is not Judaism. They are two different religions. Some believe one thing, some believe another. As for this issue, you should read "The Search for Messiah" by Mark Eastman. He provides a concise analysis of first century Jewish opinions on the Messiah based on readings from the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Talmud.

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    I love paperback answers. She is voicing my opinion on every question asked. And in a much better English!!!

    To add. One of the conditions to recognize the true Messiah is that he has to be from the House of David. The New Testament makes a true effort to show that Joseph is from the House of David and they mention his genealogy. But then, at the same breath - they say that Jesus wasn't conceived from Joseph but from the Holy Spirit!!! So if he is from the House of David - he is not the son of God. And if he is the son of God then he is not from the House of David - which is one of the most important conditions for recognizing a Messiah. If the Christians would say that this condition is not important then why so much emphasis is put to show Joseph's genealogy and connection to the House of David.

    Well, one of many puzzling issues regarding the "TRUE MESSIAH".

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    Before you go saying that, I would be careful not to lable every Christian out there. You just said that every christian thinks they know Jewish Messiah prophecy better than the Jews. I'm a christian and I don't think I do. So, what now?

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    Actually there are many different Messiah prophecies in the Torah saying the Messiah could or would be many things. A military leader or a King or a Rabbi there were at least 4 different paths a Messiah could take including preacher (which Jesus was). Remember one thing, the originial Christians were Jews and did not leave the Jewish faith until after the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE, so it was Jews themselves that were saying he was the Messiah.

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    Christians will tell you "oh this will happen at the second comming" Thing is there is no second comming in the Tanakh(Old Testament) the Messiah comes once and that is it. He also makes everyone vegetarians and the Temple will be rebuilt, not destroyed!!

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    After the Great Tribulation lasting 7 years Jesus will appear on the Mount of Olives and defend Israel from all the countries that are lined up to destroy her. During the Millennium we will most likely speak the same language, worship at Jerusalem, and will be ruled with a rod of iron. When you put the old and the new testament together, its more easily understood. Jesus fulfilled all that was prophesied about Him up to this point. Its not over yet.

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    you have to understand that it is the belief. We, modern day christians and catholics, did not "invent" ourreligion. It is simp,y what we believe. The modern day christians originated from the jews. They split...believers and those still waiting for a true messiah. Niether is wrong and the only wrong thing is if one of the religions callsthe other wrong. That in my eyes is a true "Sin". Not saying you were lol. You dont need to agree that is just my opinion

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