Wedding advice? Alternative wedding ring.?

My boyfriend and myself are planning to get married in April next year. I decided it would not be a good idea to buy an engagement ring because I always break or loose jewellery. I do want to wear a wedding ring but I am terrified that I will loose it. Weddings ring have a lot of symbolic importance, I don't want anyone to think I don't love my husband if they don't see a wedding ring on my finger.

Are their any good alternatives to a normal wedding ring?

(I am not interested in getting a piercing. I don't even have my ears pierced.)


I break jeweley because I play with any jewelry I wear. It's a subconcious thing and I can't stop doing it. My necklaces snap and my rings break in half (or go out of shape). I also have an allery to some types of metal.

Thank you all for your fantastic advice and help.

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    How about getting a cheap ring - and replacing it each year on your anniversary?

    You could buy some Henna and 'paint' a ring on your finger - you'd need to redo it every couple of weeks but you couldn't loose it.

    Start wearing a ring on your finger now to get used to it.

    As for not loving your husband. You'd be surprised how many people won't notice. My mum had to stop wearing her wedding ring after 40 years because she has lymphadaema and her fingers have swollen - i didn't even notice. I did buy her a silver charm of a wedding and engagement ring to put on her watch though.

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    Very few people are going to actually say, "You don't have a ring on your finger!" Instead, they will just notice it and think it's strange. So having a necklace or bracelet or some sort of other jewelry isn't going to help your problem -- unless you continuously say, "I know what you're thinking, I don't have a ring but I have this necklace..." Besides, a necklace is easier to lose than a ring.

    It is rather difficult to break or lose a ring if you aren't taking it off. Most women do not take off their wedding bands unless they have stones that could come loose, etc. If you get a simple band in a strong metal, you should be fine. I have a silver ring on my finger right now that has rarely left my finger in 4 years. It is still going strong and although I know it will eventually break because silver is not that strong, I know it won't be that big of a deal because it was only $40.

    I think that's the attitude that you need to take with your ring in order to not feel worried about the ring. It is a symbol that you are committed to someone and that you do not intend to date others, etc. Even if you lose it, you can just buy another and it will still have that same symbolism. I understand that it can feel weird to be okay with a symbol of your love just suddenly breaking or getting lost, but, in my opinion, it's the wearing of the ring that is more important than the particular ring itself.

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    Get a plain band - if it fits properly it shouldn't ever just slide off. If you want something that can be a symbolic ring with stones as well as metal, get one where the stones are embedded into the ring - where when you run your hand over the stones, they are flush with the band that surrounds it, rather than standing up. No claws or things sticking up you can catch on and you can both have a similar style ring, but perhaps his a bit bigger depending on his hand size.

    What matters if what you feel in your heart btw - yes a ring has a symbolic importance, but that's just it - it's a symbol - bottom line it's a piece of metal and sometimes some shiny stones that represent to everyone else your marital status. What should matter is what's in yours and your husband's hearts, that's what truly counts.

    A lot of tattooists won't tattoo the inside of your hand - and while that may not be something you can lose easily - it's also not something you can cover up either!

    Talk to your boyfriend and make a mutual decision, and honestly - screw what other people think!!! :-)

    Source(s): widowed once, married for a second time now, and a lot of soul-searching in between!
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    You can get a simple wedding band and forego a big, bulky ring with a stone. There are wedding bands in a style called 'comfort fit'; you should check those out before you completely write off the idea of a wedding ring. If you get a simple band that fits you well, it should be comfortable enough for you to wear on a daily basis.

    Here's another suggestion: Choose a necklace or other piece of jewelry that you like. My fiance is from south India, and in his culture many women wear a gold necklace with a pendant instead of a wedding ring. I'll have a necklace and a wedding band.

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    Whether you wear a ring or not has no bearing on the love you have for your husband. It only symbolizes that you are committed to someone. More importantly your behavior & conversation should reveal that you are married, far more then a ring on your finger.

    In fact, there are some who do not wear rings at all for a variety of reasons; religion, work, allergies. It doesn't make any of them, less married.

    If you do have a tendency to lose jewelry & still want to wear one, go buy an inexpensive wedding band to wear.

    Source(s): minister & marriage educator in cincinnati
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    Well this is all totally up to you...and it's about your love not about a ring....but i understand about you not wanting anyone to think you don't love your husband.

    If you DO like jewelry...what you could do is get a good set....engagement and wedding band... alittle farther down the road...but get a plain band in the meantime..

    my mom has a HUGE engagement ring (which frightens me because im always afraid something will happen to it lol)

    she only wears it with the matching band out on special occasions

    she wears a plain gold band the rest of the time..

    hope this helps....

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    Well you can't pretty much get around it sweetheart! My suggestion is something simple for you, as you said forget the engagement ring but you can get a really beautiful diamond band! (All diamonds) I'm having a hard time keeping my rings on and I am afraid I am going to lose them and my husband is getting upset because I just got married and I try to wear them to work but they get in the way! I think I am going to shop around for just a really nice band with all diamonds to wear everyday! I'll wear my wedding sets when I go out or something..... Good Luck and congrats! You'll enjoy being married, may it bring you all the happiness in the world!

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    I have a thin platinum band with little diamonds all the way round.

    I never ever take it off I bathe in it swim in it wash up in it and I now cant easily get it off.

    It never gets in the way and I forget most of the time I am wearing it and could not possibly lose it as I said it wont come off.

    I wear my engagement ring when we go out and keep it safe on other days but your wedding ring should stay on and you will never lose it.

    Good Luck x x

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    There's no reason for you to ever take the wedding ring off, so I can't imagine how you could damage or lose it. I don't recommend that you wear it on a chain around your neck. Chains break, necklaces get caught on all kinds of things. Get a simple, plain band with a low profile (if you decide to get stones in it, make sure they're not high up so they don't get caught on everything), and don't take it off.

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