girl playing high school football?

I am a 16 year old girl and next year [junior year] i intend to join my high school's football team. the head coach cannot turn me down because i am a girl or else his PR is gonna go down more than it is already so i dont want any people saying i wont be allowed to do it. my mind's set up and i've been doing post-season lifting with the team already. does anybody have any real advice for me? i'm tough, fast, smart, and i'm practically made of rubber so no 'be careful, little girls', please. i also dont want people to think i'm joining for the attention, i've always been into football but my first two years i was involved with the marching band. [i like both so i figured two years of band, two years of football] ... so yeah. any advice?


sometimes i do play center, i prefer WR or safety though

Update 2:

this is to Patriotfan4vr, i wasn't looking to step on anybody's toes though i know i will in the process but sexist remarks aren't needed. you dont know me or my abilities, so please don't. ...ignorance.

Update 3:

thank you everybody, for your advice. i've picked up a few things upon hearing them from you and saying... hmm.. that makes sense. like the getting up quickly after getting hit and not letting them see you hurt. =D

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    1. Master the fundamentals. I've seen small guys hold their own on the line (offense and defense) because they had excellent fundamentals.

    2. No mental errors. There's no excuse for jumping offsides, forgetting the count or committing a personal foul.

    3. Get in condition. Be prepared to run 40 yard sprints at about 3/4 speed for a 1/2 hour straight. And then be able to play a game.

    4. Be aggressive. Don't wait for the other guy to hit you. If you're running with the ball and the hit is coming, put your head down and punish the tackler.

    5. Don't let them see you hurt. So long as you're not seriously hurt, don't let them know you're hurting after a hit. Bounce back up and act like it was a piece of cake.

    6. Don't take crap from nobody. Stand your ground. You may not win all of your fights, but they will know that they will be in for a scrap if they mess with you. But hopefully you will play on a team with nice fellas, and not like the future felons I played with.

    7. Finally, have fun. It's a great game.

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    As a male, i would be very apprehensive about you playing football. #1 High School Guys aren't that mature. They are going to look to hurt you. Plain and Simple. Also you have to worry about the other team just trying to get a good hit on the "girl playing on the team". If you do play though, dont let them see you cry. If you get hit hard, get up as fast as you can and dont let them see that it hurt like hell.

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    I wouldn't mind a female center. Seriously, I think if you can play then play, if you suck and the coach has to play you over some male who is better, than that would be wrong, but if you are good enough, then you should play. I personally would try to crush you if you lined up across from me, because i refuse to get beat by a girl. I expect, a lot of guys are going to try and destroy you in order to keep his pride.

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    Personally I would not let my Daughter play, I would not want her to get hurt by a much larger Boy! Boys your same age will weigh an average of 160 to 210 lbs, Bench 180-230 and squat upwards of 250 to 350 on average. Please think about your physical well being! I know it sounds sexist but it is also reality we are not equal in all things males and females are different in many ways and that is a good thing!

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    You'd need to be pretty big to play center. WR and safety, you need to be able to keep up with the guys in speed. If you can, go for it. There are girls who play. Mostly in lower divisions or 8-man (or 8-people I guess), but it happens.

    You'll need to work twice or three times as hard, and know the guys will probably give you alot of grief over it.

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    advice.. u gotta work about 40 times harder than most ppl out there.. for a number of reasons.. ur a girl and its a lot harder to gain respect.. most ppl on the team have been together for 2 years and r used to the system so ur two years behind most.. lastly ur a girl and dont have the same body type as guys do so back to the first reason.. u have to work even harder to get urself in high school football shape

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    yay another girl who loves to play football. i have ran into several who say they like it but never any who actually want to play it. i say work out as much as possible to get ur body in shape. also talk to the players, get to know the system. figure out how things work for this team. and go to all the practices and meetings even when they rnt required. and most of all ignore all the sexist comments that are sure to come your way!

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    Hey, I say you go for it, because at my school (I'm only in middle :) ) there was a girl on the football team who was the kicker. She was very good (made about all the field goals). So, go for it, because girls can do what guys can.

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    Do you play center?

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    ha! a girl playing football thats almost as funny as the patriots losing to the dolphins! geez srry i just think its funny for a girl playinga mans sport like football with all the tackling.

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