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Do you realize how many lost their lives fighting during World War ll?

I think everyone should know this.

World War 2 involved every major world power in a war for global domination and at its end, more than 60 million people had lost their lives and most of Europe and large parts of Asia lay in ruins



Update 2:

I didn't mean to answer my own question but I'm absolutely amazed that at the age of 72 I didn't know it until an hour ago. Just wanted to share my lack of knowlege in case some one else wasn't aware of it.

Update 3:

kelvins, thanks for the info. it didn't state that on that sight but that is still a lot of people to die because of greed and the desire for power.

Update 4:

kelvins, I don't think you have the correct information. What is your source?

Update 5:

RobertS, I detect an under lying insult. I lived through fear that my 3 uncles fighting in the war would not come back alive. I lived through War Rationing stamps and paid my dime once a week for stamps for my 3 savings bonds. My aunt worked in the coal mine while our men were at war and yes I not only lived the history, I was taught the history. I'm sure at one time I knew the count but memory fails me from time to time through no fault of my own. Nothing we can do about the aging process. I take offense to you remark but I do wish for you to age gracfully and hope that you are given more respect than you have allowed me.

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    yes. (that is pretty cool that you are on here. there are so few people on here at that age)

    look at how many more would have lost thier lives if America did not step in and help the allies defeat the nazi's and the japanese. I have highest respects for those service members who served in WWII. I am so proud to be serving in the same military that they so honorably served!!! Thank you to all of the other service members out there.

    Source(s): US Army
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    No, we were fighting on behalf of the democratically elected government of South Vietnam against a CONCERTED effort by North Vietnam, China, and the Soviet Union to topple it. Iraq isn't ANYTHING at all like Vietnam. Back during the Cold War, as paranoid as it sounds, the Communists were really trying to take over the entire world, and would support any government/organization the furthered that aim. Vietnam was their focal point after 1960. How could we not have supported the South when the North's weapons, tanks, and aircraft were being replaced on a 2 for 1 basis by China/Soviet Union? In fact, our greatest sin there was leaving the South Vietnamese to be overrun without any financial/logistical support from us after 1972. China and the Soviet Union were better allies than we were...

  • celvin
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    The phrasing of the question misses an important point about WWII i.e. many of those who suffered weren't fighting anyone - in many cases were civilians fleeing for their lives.

    at the beginning of WWI a U-boat captain would surface and warn a ship's captain before torpedoing it to give him a chance to evacuate - until that bloody minded imperialist war monger Churchill ordered vessels to ram the U--boat in a such a case hence starting the era of Total War.

    he also opposed outlawing air raids in the Geneva convention after WWI because he wanted to use it as a tactic against his imperial underlings as he did in modern Iraq when he dropped gas on the Kurds.

    Needless to say the consequence of that was for millions of civilians following.

    Churchill played a major role in the civilianization of warfare in the 20 Century.

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    Of course I realize it... back in the 70's & 80's, Junior High School and High School courses used to actually COVER that information, and my Bachelor's is in European History.

    72 years of age... that means born in 1935... 10 years old at the end of the war... graduating high-school in about 1953... I guess the history books where up to date then.

    Source(s): US Naval Aircrewman / Limited Duty Officer 1985-1999
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    WWII cost over one trillion dollars,and that was in 1940 dollars which were worth ten times what they are today! Every American family could have been provided what is equivalent to a new 100K home and two new cars every year for their life span,and complete cradle to grave medical coverage for every family member for the same amount spent in the five years of WWII. Talk about record breaking monumental levels of waste! And that is just the material,financial waste not to mention the tremendous anguish, agony and loss of life and limb! WAR is the biggest disease this world will ever face and a cure has to be found immediately!

  • Yes, tens of millions of deaths, and millions injured, displaced, etc.

    All because the world chose to ignore a madman and allowed him to become stronger while we dismissed the possibility of any threat.

    A lesson that should never be forgotten.

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    Yes, I knew that. That just shows you what a bunch of *%$#$s Bush and the Right Wing nutjobs are every time they suggest that we should have WWIII over oil or religion.

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    Old men lie, young men die.

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    Why, yes I do realize that.

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    umm thanks for the info...but whats the question? one that ur not answering urself....

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