How much water does a formula 1 rain tire pump per minute or second?

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    Having trouble finding exact figures, the nearest thing I have to an answer so far dates back to 2004:

    "A rain tyre is capable of dispersing tens of litres of water in the space of one second. Because track surfaces tend to be cooler in the damp, this kind of tyre has to be able to operate at much lower temperatures than its dry-weather counterpart - usually 30°C to 50°C. It has a slightly broader diameter than a dry tyre, in order to help increase ground clearance."

    Will keep looking and add more if I find it.

    Why did I bother if I'm going to get negative ratings??

    Here's your answer anyway:

    "When the track does get wet, Bridgestone has two types of wet weather tyre, the ‘wet’ and the ‘extreme wet’ Bridgestone Potenza. These two tyres look very different from each other, with the extreme tyre featuring deeper grooves and having a greater resemblance to the tread patterns of road tyres.

    Whilst the wet tyre is capable of displacing in the region of 34 litres per second per car, the extreme wet can displace almost double this at 61 litres per second, with these figures dependant on the speed travelled and amount of water on the track. It’s not just the tread on the tyre which differs from the dry tyre. A wet track means a cooler track, so the operating temperature of the wet tyres is much lower. Whilst a dry tyre works in an operating range of 80-110 degrees Celsius, the wet tyre operating range is approximately 65 degrees Celsius."

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    Formula 1 Rain Tires

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    depends on the speed to the water it displaces on the track

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