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X factor, anyone else agree with Louis?

I do!

I know Louis is behaving like a Oz munchkin on PCP but lets face iit Danni is shite at singing!

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    She's crap at singing and judging....Anyone else hear on Chris Moyles show on monday that Danni actually released a single last monday,.....even her record label want to keep it a secret by being the worst promoted single ever

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    Just my 2penny worth lol

    Kylie has been 'lucky' just like her first hit - she had the publics affection b/c of 'neighbours' - she then hit the charts at a time when Pete Waterman was making everyone sound good - she then got the best ppl around her - and still has - she was on SCD on Sunday night - and she atrocious, sorry but she was - she got bad reviews for her STV performance recently - so who's to say if Danni had got the breaks and not Kylie - Danni might have been the more popular...

    Louis has got something on his mind at the mo - Simon is trying to 'out im' *smiling*

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    The Judging Panel was a **** up from the start. Sack Louis and bring in Danni and that Brian guy. Then Louis comes back after a couple of weeks so we then sideline Brian to be the 'Creative Guy' backstage which still leaves 4 judges so we invent a 'new catagory' and so on and so forth !!!

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    I do too! I had to laugh when he criticised Danni about singing out of tune and when he ridicules her about having had no hit songs..which lets face it, IS the truth! lol!

    I've never been a fan of Danni or her music, whereas Kylie is the pop starlet of the two and i get sick of Danni's constant references to being Kylies younger sister and that she was famous first..blah blah!

    She may have experience in the singing industry but i don't think she has the qualifications to judge others on their voices when they actually HAVE talent!

    Makes for great entertainment though! lol!

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    Louis has a problem taking criticism, he cannot hack it....if someone slates him, he acts like a little kid and says something back to piss the others off...he's a bit of a flake...he'll be laughing on the other side of his face when Rhydian Danni should be laughing inside at all is childish remarks...she can handle it....

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    Danii's rubbish at singing..and let's face it, she's living in her sisters shadow! She need to get over herself.. and how embarrasing for her to release a song during the Xfactor..she's ridiculous and is lucky no-one else is insulting her!

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    But she's not on the programme as a singer - she's on there as a judge. Louis was most unprofessional and rude AND -CORRECT but he didn't like it when Simon mentioned his hair, did he ?

    There's a time and a place, I think

  • to be fair though Gart, Kylie can't sing either, neither can The Spice Girls or Madonna, hasn't stopped them making millions has it, bah humbug Louis! pmsl

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    danni is a rubbish singer always has been , louis is at least being truthful , don't think she'll be back next year even if rhydian does win lol

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