How could you find your computer's server name?

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Open up a DOS prompt (Start > Run > type 'cmd' (leave out the quotes)) and then click ok. When DOS appears, type 'hostname' (without the quotes) and then click enter. Your machine name will be displayed.

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  • Sid answered 6 years ago
    goto start ->right click on My computer

    in the system properties page,select the tab that says Computer name
    you would find your full computer name and the domain name..
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  • Linux OS answered 6 years ago
    Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows: Run the "hostname" command to find the name of your computer.
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  • jjacy123 answered 6 years ago
    Domain name? That is the internet service provider.

    Computer name? Click "Start" and right click "Computer". Click "Properties". click the "Computer Name" tab at the top. That will give you information on your network.
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  • stone throwing junkie answered 6 years ago
    go to
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