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How / Where to find / buy Rapidshare Megaupload Sendspace Premium account login Iran Iran Turkey Saudi Arabia?

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    I'm sure you're one of those people who has spent countless hours trying to find a free Rapidshare Premium password on the internet. If that's the case you must now be knowing that THERE ARE NO FREE RAPIDSHARE PASSWORDS! I learnt it the hard way too. Greedy premium users upload these fake files to attract a large number of downloads, thereby increasing their download limit. So you are left with two options for getting an account. One is to BUY IT using your credit card. And the other is to make a few dollars on the internet through affiliate programs and stuff like that. Some websites pay you a commission for clicking on their ads, while some pay you for referring visitors to their page. Staying active in these programs, you can rake in about 50-60$/month. I have compiled below a list of such websites and sorted them according to their rankings. The payments are made to your PayPal account, which you can use for online purchases like software, music & movies, or enrol in premium websites like Rapidshare, or shop online at sites lke eBay.Before you get registered in any of the below websites, you need a PayPal account for trusted payments. You can sign-up for a free PayPal account HERE .

    1.Dollar Pays(Rating:9/10)

    DollarPays pays you to complete online survey forms. You get paid a generous $0.25 for each survey you or your referral completes. Payments are made to your PayPal account on a daily basis. You can have a look at rates on the link

    2.Bux (Rating:9/10) is an incentive based marketing program that pays users to click on ads. Registration is free. You get paid $0.01 for each ad you click on and $0.01 for each ad your referral(person referred by you) clicks on. It currently offers even more ads than AdBux which means quicker earning. It is possible to raise about 30-40$/month at the entry level. Definitely worth a try. You can look at rates here

    4. A.W Surveys (Rating:9/10)

    A.W.Surveys offers a very generous $4 per survey(welcome survey=$6) and $1.25 per referral. However the minimum payout is a bit high at $75. At the time of registering, six surveys were available valuing a total of $27. At this rate, reaching payout should be easy. You can look at rates here

    5.Advercash (Rating:8/10)

    AdverCash is a new entrant into the PTC market and has gained many users with its trusted payments. AdverCash also pays you $0.01 for referring users. You can look at rates here

    6.TopBux (Rating:8/10)

    TopBux is the latest entrant into the paid-to-click marketing system and works just like At the time of this post, TopBux offers a good number of ads to click. You can look at rates here

    7. Adbux (Rating:8/10)

    AdBux is an incentive based marketing program that pays users to click on ads. It has a large consumer base of over 300,000. After a brief period of inactivity, the once-topper has come back with a bang. AdBux has presently launched a new sponsor system and promises lots of ads to click on shortly. You can look at rates here


    SFI is a successful online marketing and retailing network. Here you can earn your money through multiple ways; you can refer new people to join their affiliate network, you can retail their products, or you can direct people to make purchases on their online stores. For each new referral, you get $1-$4 and you earn commissions on sales and income generated by your referrals. This network promises unlimited earning possibilities based on your commitment level. You can look at rates here

    9. AdBuddy (Rating:6/10)

    This site features a clean and professional-looking interface and ads are avaiable to you based on the information provided in your profile. Since this site has been around for quite some time, it attracts the choicest of advertisers. But the number may vary depending on the interests you supply while registering. You can look at rates here

    10 Adverbux (Rating :8/10)

    New venture in this area and provides multiple options. Performance under review .Rates are here

    11 Trafficbux (Rating:8/10)

    New venture in this area and provides multiple options. Performance under review .Rates are here

    12 Turbobux (Rating :9/10)

    New venture in this area and provides multiple options. Performance under review but has some new concepts.Rates are here

    NOTE: Before you sign-up for AdBuddy, click on 'Browse Ads' and note the categories where most ads are present. While registering, supply these categories as your areas of interest. This will help you obtain more number of ads.

    If you know of any sites that can be added to the above list please do leave a comment

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    Why not buy direct from Rapidshare, Megaupload, Sendspace? It would be cheaper to buy from them directly plus the support will be delivered to you direct.

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    u can get it at

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