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Do Legos have lead in them?

I watched a program this morning that showed this guy doing lead tests on a bunch of toys. Practically all the toys had lead, about 2/3 or them! Mega Blocks definintely had lead in them, so ours went in the garbage. My kids loved them, I was wondering if anyone has info about Legos. I'm pretty sure they are made in China so they probably do, but does anyone know for sure?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Lego is a Danish company and are not manufactured in China.

    Apart from official regulations, we aim to ensure that all LEGO products meet the expectations of quality and safety that consumers can reasonably demand of design, play patterns and foreseeable use.

    As a further requirement, the LEGO Group has opted to ensure that its products not only satisfy the standards for plastics used in making toys but also the regulations that govern food packaging - plus meet a series of specific requirements for the properties of the raw materials.

    The company has a development laboratory for plastics materials and a test laboratory in Denmark.

    The LEGO Group uses primarily ABS plastics in the manufacture of its products. This ABS material has been specially developed for our company and is not available to others. This has important consequences: for example, no other manufacturer is able to make products with the same unique clutch power, shine properties and colour stability as LEGO Group products possess. The company's laboratories continuously test our plastics to the extreme in order to improve resistance, for example, to bite marks and scratching.

    All LEGO play materials carry the EU CE symbol. The symbol means that the LEGO Group guarantees that the product complies with the European Toy Directive. Products manufactured for the American market must satisfy the Code of Federal Regulation and ASTM standard F963.

    The LEGO Group is a member of both TIE (Toy Industries of Europe) and TIA (Toy Industries of America), and chairs the European committee for standardisation of toy safety. Through TIE and the European standardisation committee, CEN, the LEGO Group is actively engaged in defining toy standards which can promote safety in the toy sector.

    • Rob5 years agoReport

      That's a great way to evade the direct question. Sounds like a bunch of P.R. B.S. The question was "Do Legos have lead in them?". You posted 5 paragraphs and failed to answer a simple yes or no question.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Legos were tested for lead with a special analyzer and were found to contain no lead:

    "In the first 5 seconds what were seeing is 6000 parts per million of zinc, a little bit of copper, that's probably part of the coloring. There's definitely not any lead. I've been testing for 25 seconds and if there were any lead we'd be definitely seeing it by now."

    Not all Legos are made in China. I have a box of Lego Duplo and it says that they are made in Denmark, Hungary, England and the Czech Republic. I know some are also manufactured in Mexico and China.

    I'm very concerned about the lead that is contained in toys. I was reading that there is no limit to the amount of lead that can be put in plastic, which is scary since so many children chew on plastic toys!

    While many of my kids made-in-china toys have gone into the garbage, I am continuing to buy Legos because the company had a good reputation

    Megablocks are a cheap imitation of Legos, and more often than not you get what you pay for.

    "Lead is sometimes added to plastics to give them yellow or red color, Mr. Mays said. Alternative pigments sometimes are more costly and often have longer drying times. "

    And what do you know? The highest amounts of lead were found in the yellow megablocks.

    Watch out for dinnerware too. There has been a case of a child getting lead poisoning from plates her parents bought at Walmart. Walmart didn't even bother doing a recall.

    Source(s): I've had multiple toys recalled due to lead paint and have been doing research to protect my children from lead poisoning.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Legos have as much lead as any colored plastic toy. You fell for a ratings grabber story. Only yellow Maxi blocks were found to have higher levels of lead than allowed by regulations, and since the blocks are not painted, your child would have to bite off a piece and swallow it to ingest any lead at all. If I were you, I'd pull them out of the trash, wash them off, and do more research before believing everything you see on TV.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    legos do NOT have lead in them. i promise, you can ask anyone.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lego is a massive brand, they would never put somehting dangerous in them and let it ruin their name!

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