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Digital camera for Kids - Cheap but good?

My little Girl wants a camera, when I asked what she would like she said one like mine - I am a pro photographer so a £4k set up for a 3 year old is out of the question.

I am not looking at spending much as it will be her first camera, she can just manage my D50, but realy she could do with a point and shoot, but one that can work on one of those portable printers.

She wants a pink one as well..LOL but she said black is OK.

I have had a look at some of the deals that come in at around £60 but the camera lenses have been reported poor by the user reviews or that they are poor in low light.

Can anyone suggest a camera, preferably with a pic bridge thats 4-6MP for less that £60.00?

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    Try the link below, it is for Argos clearance bargains, all ex catalogue or refurbished. I have noticed pink cameras on this site from time to time.

    I purchased a brand new Lumicron 8mp for £41

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    Check out Tesco Direct - my 5 year old wanted a camera for xmas and I searched high and low for one and got a 4mp camera for 1/2 price at £35. I didn't really want to spend much more because of his age. the only thing is it's Silver and I bought it back in October so not sure if they will still have them at that price.

    Good Luck

    p.s I have a daughter and the 'pink thing' get;s out of hand doesn't it?

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    I taught photos to youngsters via our community 4-H had over 50 youngsters in each and each classification... some have been extremely sturdy. it is extremely helpful to be careful and not bypass tooo small because of the fact it then turns into difficult for them to safeguard interior the opposite. Walmart continually has 2 or 3 mps cameras for below $50 and that they are geared particularly in direction of youngsters, some even have caricature characters on them. i might possibly bypass with a sort of till he/she reaches an older age. additionally, I used 2 books in my classification one noted as click! for the sons and daughters, I basically gave this e book away or i might basically deliver it to you and the national Geographic field handbook for toddlers... the two incredible books for toddlers... I even enjoyed the sector handbook. least puzzling way ever to describe f-stops to somebody. sturdy success! And through how, i think of it is large you're passing the affection of photos onto a destiny era.. I did it with my niece who's now 17 and he or she has already been revealed two times and is blowing human beings away in competitions.. course digital did no longer exist for her whilst she grew to become into youthful!

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    Well Fisher Price makes a kid friendly camera.. and guess what it comes in pink..

    here is a link... would be a great first camera.. and teach her how to take care of stuff..

    good luck.. and happy Thanksgiving..

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    There's hundreds of them in the shops. If your a pro you should know the best makes. You could go for the cheaper Canon or Nikon's.

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