What are some of the unique ways you’ve discovered some of your favorite bands?

Ministry – I found a tape cassette of With Sympathy in a desk during 4th period chemistry in high school. Never heard of them prior to that point. Since possession is 9/10 of the law, I took it home to listen to. Of course, it blew me away. This album was so ahead of its time, even though Al was trying to fake a British accent.

Genitorturers – This friend of mine in Tampa was raving about a local band during the early 90’s. They sounded interesting enough but I had trouble finding their music. So, I forgot about them for a while. A couple years later, I stumbled upon 120 Days of Genitorture at a used CD shop down in Key West, the least likely place to find much of anything other than Jimmy Buffet.

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  • MC BC
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    1 decade ago
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    I don't know if the way I discovered some of my favorites is all that interesting... but here you go:

    I stumbled across this song online called "Howl America" about 7 years ago from a band called Produkt13.. an industrial group and I liked what I heard. So I emailed one of the members telling him how great the music was and asked him if they have any merchandise I could purchase. He sent me 4 copies of a compilation CD free of charge that Produkt13 was on. This is the CD where I discovered two of my current favorite bands Mindless Faith and Flesh Field... I was so impressed by these two bands that I went out and bought their whole collection. Then I recently found out that the band members in Mindless Faith live around my area, so they play shows galore here... heh.


    HIM - In searching for "Don't Fear The Reaper" online I came across their cover and really liked it, so I delved into the rest of their collection. This was well before Bam slathered them all over MTV.

    Most of the mainstream bands I listen to were found on the radio. Lesser known bands that I like I came across by doing online searches of their particular genre.

    Speaking of Genitorturers... the first time I heard them was at a Halloween party in high school, I was surprised that this guy hosting the party was playing such good music. So I got their name from him and looked into their music a little more and I wound up really liking them.

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    I don't have any great stories of discovery, but back in the 80s and early 90s when my income was more disposable, I'd buy albums simply based on their artwork. If it looked cool, I'd give it a shot. That's how I discovered Iron Maiden.

    I was also prompted to buy an album upon hearing a song (or a portion of a song) without knowing anything about the band. I once stumbled into the mall's music store in a distinctly altered state and heard a song on the store's stereo system. That's when I bought the first Damn Yankees album.

    NP: "Passion Play" - Night Ranger

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    Kenny Wayne Shepherd - When i was about 12 years old or so i went to an aerosmith concert with my parents, and The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band opened for them he still hadn't hit it big yet he was so unknown that they didn't even turn down the lights for the band and the place was practically empty until the end of his set but the next day i went searching for "trouble is" and i still have it today along with all of his other albums.

    Joe Satriani - When i got yahoo instant messenger i liked to use the personalized radio thing that they have with it and alot of times it would throw in something that i never heard because it would take all of my favorites and guess at other bands then one day it started playing Joe Satriani and i was blown away and i still get blown away to this day.

    Gary Hoey - I watched the movie "Endless Summer 2" (a movie about surfing) and the music in it was killer and i thought alot of it was Steve Vai but after searching the internet i found that it was in fact Gary Hoey

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    I was watching The Jack Paar show on a Friday night in the early 60's when they played a clip of a band from England called The Beatles (before they were on Ed Sullivan). Everyone in the audience was laughing at them because of their long hair and music but I thought they were great and the rest is history! Thank god they came out when they did because I was just starting to get into music and liked Country (UGH) music before that!

    I first heard Alice in Chains "Man in the Box" while flipping through the radio staions one Saturday night around 1AM. They were playing new songs by new bands. I caught a piece of that song and went out to buy the album Facelift the next day and was really blown away when I heard the whole album. That was my introduction to "Grunge"

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  • GK Dub
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    1 decade ago

    Most of my FAVORITE bands like Metallica, NIN, Tool, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Korn, and so on were discovered basically by listening to radio and MTV back in the early 90's. But there are some other bands that I'm a big fan of that I discovered in unique ways.

    HIM - About 5 years ago, before they blew up in the U.S., I heard a couple of their songs on Bam's CKY videos. My room-mates girlfriend played me a copy of "Razorblade Romance" and I was hooked.

    Flyleaf - About a year and a half before their debut album came out, I saw them as an opening band at some tiny little concert bar. As a matter of fact, I stood right next to the singer (Lacey) during the headliner's set. I liked their music instantly but I didn't try to talk to her, I didn't wanna bug her while she was trying to watch a show.

    Type O Negative and KMFDM - In 1995 I bought the "Mortal Kombat" movie soundtrack which featured remixes of "Blood & Fire" and "Juke Joint Jezebel". I loved the songs and have been a fan of these bands ever since.

  • Lep
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    1 decade ago

    May not be all that unique but...what the hey!

    Years ago I was bar hoppin in Boulder. You know the drill. Runnin around pokin your head in the clubs lookin and listenin for somethin that'll make ya wanna stay. After a few hits, I accidentally discovered Béla Fleck & the Flecktones in a 200 seat venue. I was pleasantly stunned.

    I travel a lot and do this sort of thing often. Seems in today's world, most of the really good stuff is happenin on a local basis.

    Not to mention this fantastic resource we have right here through "word of mouse". Perty amazing how "like-minded" networking sites are exploding online.


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    Most of mine aren't as specific or as interesting as yours. I have found a few bands that I love by getting the Wrapped Tour Compilation Cd's each year. I feel in love with the Plain White Ts about a year before they became so huge (it kinda freaked me out when everyone loved my 'unknown' band. Because of these Cd's I also grew to like the following bands I had never heard of:

    Matchbook Romance

    Cute is What We Aim For

    Amber Pacific

    The Starting Line

    Paramore, to name a few.

    Motion City Soundtrack was one of my favorites. I have a Tivo and was listening to a few of the 'radio stations' on there and heard them on an alternative station in Maryland. I feel totally in love with them. Now I have all their Cd's. I relate to so many things that Justin Pierre writes and sings about.

    I had gone to a Blue October concert and a band I had never heard of was opening for them called The Vanished. The are from the Dallas, TX area. I am a hardcore fan now. I have actually bought tickets to shows they are opening for and left after their set, before the actual concert started.

  • Carol
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    4 years ago

    Two new bands I discovered this year were She Wants Revenge and Blaqk Audio. Thanks, Rckets! I'm also enjoying a rediscovery of some of my old favorites... the Smiths, the JAMC, Depeche Mode, the Cure, the Sisters of Mercy, Curve, and several others. My cassette to CD upgrading project has grown exponentially this year! Edit: Rckets, I expect we'll see a new Sisters of Mercy album around the same time as the new My Bloody Valentine album!

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    1 decade ago

    About a year ago I was watching a youtube video that had nothing to do with music, but in the background you could faintly hear a song playing and I loved the way it sounded even though you could barely hear it.

    I pretty much watched the video over 100 times trying to figure out some of the lyrics.

    I finally ended up finding the band.

    It was Silversun Pickups.

  • 1 decade ago

    Good one!

    My TOP fave bands were discovered the 'normal' way; word of mouth. So no fun stories about the Beatles, Rush or Yes, unfortunately.

    But Metallica is an ok one. Told this here the otehr day, actually:

    I "accidentally" got into Metallica. I wasn't much of a metal listener in the 80s. I'd see all these other kids wearing this demonic looking sh*t on their denim jackets & whatnot & I just assumed it was all just noise set to lyrics about suicide & murder.

    Then one night, while flippg thru the radio dial, I heard this CATCHY hard rocking song w/ a rhythm that I'd Never heard before in such a hard tune. Grabbed me right away.

    Turned out I caught the middle of the title track of 'Master of Puppets". when the dj said it was Metallica, I flipped! NEVER thought I'd end up liking them.

    Never looked back since. :)

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