Mexico - GBP pounds or US dollars?

with the current excellent exchange rate, is it better to change any holiday money for Mexico into US dollars and bring those into the country or is it better to simply bring British pounds and exchange over there.

i have heard that the exchange rates in Mexico are generally favourable. going to be in the cancun area, so it should be rather tourist friendly >?


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    Exchange dollars to pesos at a bank in Mexico. Does not matter that it is rates are same all over the country tho they fluctuate day to day. Do NOT pay for things in will pay more that way. Always pay in pesos. do not use airport money changers...they do not give the bank rates.

  • We took both Mexican Pesos and US Dollars when we went to Cancun last year. You can get away with using US $ the whole time and with the exchange rate so high it would be well worth it. I would take the majority in US $.

    I'm sure you will have an excellent time. It was an amazing place. I want to go back!!!!

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    It is better if you bring US Dollars to Mexico. NEVER PAY WITH US DOLLARS IN MEXICO!!!! You will pay more. They will probably take 1 dollar as 10 pesos. Bring US Dollars and exchange them in a local bank (not an exchange store). You will get around 10.60 to 10.90 pesos for each US Dollar.

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    US Dollars are widely favored in Cancun. You can figure it's about 10 to 1. For gratuities, tip in US dollars. For purchases in stores, you can use US dollars as well, although if you have MXN, you will spend less US dollars. They tend to raise the rate to their benefit. You can estimate about 1 USD per 10 MXN.

    In other words, you would be better off exchanging your GBP for USD, and not using MXN.

    Source(s): I am a travel agent. We do a lot with Cancun as well as other Mexican locations. I just returned from Puerto Vallarta.
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    I'd check with my travel agent as I work with a number of mexicans in the UK and was told that some places in Mexico are asking for local currency and not dollars, due to the currency issues.

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    i went to cancun in april i say change your money over here, but get both us dollars and the mexican paso. Most places will accept the us dollar but will give you change in the paso. it up to you what you take, but i found it would have been easier if i had more the mexican paso. esp. for the hotel.

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    1 us dollars = 10 pesos


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    Has to be dollars. They won't take pounds sterling. Nowhere does.

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