NHL team financial hurt……………..?

Last night, read about the Tampa Bay Lighting’s huge financial trouble in the beginning, and I was wondering what teams are in huge financial trouble right now. I assume the Predators are one of the teams not banking right now, but whom else do you know of that is having financial trouble in the NHL?
Update: garysbasem3nt: I said in the beginning. I read it in Total NHL. Phil Esposito found buyers in Japan, including some that only existed on paper. In 1997, Forbes listed the Lightning as the worst-off franchise in any of the major professional sports.
Update 2: LITY: Thanks for the info. I had posted my 2 cents about Forbes before I read your answer. Sometimes I think they don't get it right. I hate to think I have an understanding of NHL financial standings, when all I have access to is the media.......and you know how that can be inaccurate information.
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