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Env compatable with sprint?

my friend LOVES my Env cell phone( I am on Verizon), she is on Sprint though. I am planning on getting the Voyager when it comes out. Can she unlock it and use it on Sprint?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The best answer I can give you is maybe.

    Sprint recently made the decision to allow unlocked phones to be allowed on their network. So your friend could, in theory, activate a non-Sprint phone to Sprint's network. The problem comes in when you consider that it is a Verizon phone that you're trying to activate to Sprint's network. Getting the phone programmed to Sprint's network might be a trick, but you'll have to contact Sprint's customer service or technical support to see if they can do that.

    The downside to doing something like that is that the enV is not designed for Sprint's service. That means that some of the services that are offered through Verizon (like Get It Now) won't work correctly on Sprint's network. You won't be able to use Sprint's services to download ringtones or watch TV or anything like that. The enV would be limited to making phone calls, picture and text messaging, and taking pictures.

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