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what type of things does a court judge say?

why would they say the things that they do and when do they say it?

for example: if i wanted everyone to be quiet, i would say "be quiet please"


lyk wat are the most common phrases spoken by a judge

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    For courtroom silence, the judge would likely pound his or her gavel and say, "Order in the court!"

    Other things a judge would say include:

    "How do you plead?"

    "Bailiff, remove the prisoner."

    Objections can be "overruled" or "sustained."

    "The witness will answer the question."

    "The jury will now retire to deliberate."

    "This court finds you guilty."

    The judge may call for a side bar by either saying the word "sidebar" or "approach the bench."

    "Case dismissed."

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    They can basically say anything they want to. They listen to a bunch of garbage all day long and then come back the next day to listen to some more. They have to deal with the world's toughest problems and be able to make a judgment based on it. They're given a huge responsibility and they sometimes establish their seniority by their language and actions. They have to let you know who's boss. They have a hard and very important job to do. Some are better than others and some are just plain wrong but the majority of judges were made judges for the right reasons.

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    In England, when the final summing up has been delivered by the lawyers, the Judge will look towards the jury and utter the imortal words, "Members of the Jury, do you find the accused guilty or very very guilty."

    In the days of yore, the Judge might have added, "A life may depend upon your verdict".

    And, when the GUILTY AS HELL verdict is given by the Jury Foreman, the judge then turns to the accused and says, "You have been found very very guilty. You are a naughty person and it is my solemn duty to pass sentence upon you. You are to be taken from this place to a place of execution where you will be hanged by the neck until you are dead. So help you. God save your soul and stop blubbing, this is the maximum sentence allowed under the law for driving at 31 mph in a built up zone." "Take the prisoner down"..end

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    This is a list that has no end.

    Judges can, and do, say anything and everything they want to.

    Generally, they stick to ritual statements, but they certainly don't feel limited to just those.

    I can tell you that, if a judge wants the courtroom quiet, he says "Order in the court"

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    Courtroom and Legal talk is a language all it's own. I call it Legaleze. If they spoke the same language as you and I, then maybe we wouldn't need lawyers. It keeps them in business to speak a different language.... because then we need the translators to figure it all out.

    I liked when my judge said "dismissed without prejudice". HUH??? What the heck does THAT mean? My lawyer said it means I can get the case tried again in a different courtroom if I wanted. Still.... HUH????

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    They really don't use strange and unusual language. They will use legal terms because of their jobs.

    I had one trial where the woman I had charged for impaired driving was obviously lying and making up a story.

    During his decision (guilty) the judge would not say that she was lying, but said that he believed the accused's statements were "exculpatory fabrications" (in Judge speak, that means, liar, liar, pants on fire).

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    what type of things does a court judge say?

    why would they say the things that they do and when do they say it?

    for example: if i wanted everyone to be quiet, i would say "be quiet please"

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    Generally a judge in order to get everyone quiet and seated would pound the gavel (wooden hammer/mallet) to get attention and say something like "Order in the Court".

    He/She will also address the lawyers as either "The Prosecutor/Prosecution" for the government side if it is a criminal trial. For a civil suit it would be "Plaintiff". For the other side in either case the side is addressed as the "Defendant/Defense".

    More often, lawyers are addressed as Counselor or simply Council, as they are in that capacity legal councellors.

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