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michr asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 1 decade ago

do you have an opinion about immigration and deportation..........?

so lets deport every illegal alien by the end of the year:

given the fact that U.S. citizens were having to wait almost a year just to get a passport

given the fact that illegals do mostly labor intensive work that the elderly work force can''t do

given the fact that illegals drive down the hourly wage they do work we would do if it paid better

given the fact that unemployment is about 5%

given the fact that our workforce that could or would do the work illegals do is about 100 million

who are we going to replace the illegal workforce with?

we are going to deport 8 to 10 million workers by the end of the year and replace them with 5 million workers who demand a higher wage and many of them just have a poor work ethic.

how much are we now willing to pay for our fruits, vegtables, getting our roofs fixed, carrying out our trash, all of those so called low wage jobs that illegals do.

how is deporting every illegal going to impact you?


Victor S which facts are inaccurate?

Update 2:

rachel t - care to elaborate which statement/fact is in correct?

i am open to discussion

Update 3:

aodorhv - this is your country?

i feel it is safe to say that it is in good hands then, good luck with "your country" the rest of us don't need to worry about a thing.

Update 4:

www.dol.gov - unemployment %

www.census.gov - population of working age in question

lou dobbs, glen beck - estimates of illegals working in USA

republican caucus - illegals work in manual labor positions not intellectual positions

lou dobbs, glen beck - illegals depress wages

myself(manager hiring 30 years) - work ethic of many of our unemployeed

so how would deporting all illegals impact your life?

Update 5:

i know it would not effect batmansgirl in any way

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    I very strongly feel that paying more for fruits and vegetables is well worth the trade off of hospitals opening back up and my children receiving the correct and uncrowded education they are entitled to. Most of the fruits and vegetables I buy don't come from this country anyway. As far as the other jobs go: my husband carries out my trash and an American picks it up. My husband can also fix my roof, my car, mow my lawn, and I cook and clean my own house, so I guess it's really a win-win situation for me.

    Mestizo-- "the idiot who say to free felons and put them to work, free them they will robb again and kill again."

    Don't you know what a chain gang is?

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    you will lose your tiem trying to change their minds I am an american citizen, and it is shame but most of americans hate mexicans and latinamericans, but they dont complain about people from europe, they may not be more than latinos but there is a couple millions of them too, they dont realize everything will be more expensive and how mcuh is costing the war, by condoning the money latinamerica has to pay to usa, immigrants will come in less numbers, usa spend $3000 million a week in irak, in 4 months the whole ammount of $ latinamerica and mexico debt to usa would have been paid..what is more important since you guys hate latinos soo much, the war or let us grow, improve our helth system , schools and develop more business,. you rule everything and control everything to your will, losng millions of hard workers that work for less than &6 and hr will affect the economy really bad, is not happening the government is not sstupid, they will deport the criminals and some scapegoats that are at the wrong place , that is it, but the government knows how important is that cheap hand labor for usa's economy, it wont happen, besides no person shoudl be called illegal, they crossed a border, they didnt kill , rape, molest or commit felonies.,.. stop demonizing them,.I am latino and I feel americans are only behind one community. why ice and ins dont break in golden cross, chinese restaurants, greek restaurants, dunkin donuts,and many other places where west indians, chinese and other european immigrants work? americans dont pick fruits, dont wash cars, dont serve your coffee, the illegals do what americans dont want to, and the people who collect unemployment, like the easy money they wont work, the idiot who say to free felons and put them to work, free them they will robb again and kill again.

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    I say deport them all. Then they can try to come here legally. Oh and when they do come here legally they can learn how to speak English. I understand that people want to come to America to live the American dream. Well its time for Americans to be able to live the American dream. So for all the illegal immigrants that are here, my answer is deport them.

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    Where is the link to prove all this? It doesn't sound like you live in the real world...

    And yes! Lets deport them all by the end of the year-Thanks for the suggestion!

    Source(s): I see you STILL dont have a link to prove any statistics. You just keep asking everybody to show YOU whats not true. "Open for discussion" indeed! What a joker. .
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    Ag jobs can be done by convicts on a chain gang. We're already paying for them and a great many of them are illegals anyway! We have no need for illegal aliens! Illegal immigration and deportation go hand in hand, don't they?

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    You are giving a lot of facts that are not facts at all and leaving some important facts out.

    Americans can and will do the work that needs to be done.

    There are hundreds of millions of people, patiently waiting for their chance to legally immigrate to the US, so even if all of the illegal immigrants need to be replaced, it can be done.

    Instead of 95% of the immigrants coming from a country filled with people who grow up being taught that they are moving from Central Mexico to Northern Mexico, the legal immigrants would come from all over the world and consist of people who want to be Americans.

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    GEZ! YOU MEAN ME & MINE CAN GO BACK TO WORK NOW? THANKYOU!!!-OH GREAT 'STUPID' ONE!!!!! I'm from the notheast U.S.A. my family came here legally back in 1960.from GERMANY.both parents worked,both retired. my sister is a lawyer. I am self employed, what your 'illegals' took from me and 16 freinds amounts to: $40,000. a year lost pay. per person.we can not afford health-care now. most of us(9) had to sell our homes & go back to renting.****next**** : need more workers, you say? where do we get them you ask? answer:WELFARE ROLLS, EX-CONS, YOUTH PROGRAMS, NEW LEGAL IMMIGRATES,LEGAL AMERICANS WHOSE JOBS HAVE BEEN STOLEN BY THE DIRTBAGS, OUR UNEMPLOYED, OUR MENTALLY DISABLED, the list goes on &on. WE DO NOT HAVE A "SHORTIVE" OF LEGAL WORKERS!!! JUST A BIG PILE OF "ILLEGAL-WORKERS" if you really cared about your country you would never say the crap you just did. you chump are a traiter!

    Source(s): NEW YORK/CONN. "REAL-LIFE" EXP.
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    You will not only be paying more for fruits and vegetables, you will be paying more for meats, housing and pay more for the gas in your Japanese car.

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    Sounds like you have an opinion about it.....

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