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Is it "wrong" to have a newborn baby and 2 PitBull dogs?

Personally I would say that there is nothing wrong with that, but people just keep telling me that it is not right. I'm 5 months preg. and I have 2 male Pitbull dogs (15 mos. old), who consider me their mom (i am), and will only become aggressive when I am around both because they get jelous of each other; they're only aggressive to strangers, but not towards anyone in my family. The problem is that I will be staying with the baby in the same room my doggies use to share when they were pups, and obviously my dogs are going to see me with the baby and stuff. I mean, I don't know how they will react, or if it's safe to have the baby around them; my dogs are my kids too, I can't prefer the baby over the dogs because it is not fair. Plus I've heard that newborns shouldn't be in a household were there are certain "animals". I just want to know if any of you have experienced something similar, cause I always think about that issue, but I really don't see anything wrong...

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    C'mon, people-- pitties are just like any other dog unless TRAINED to be aggressive. They are NOT known to turn on their owners, and really are great family dogs.

    I agree you can introduce them to the baby's scent before the baby comes home.

    If you don't treat the dogs any differently when you come home, they'll be fine.

    Source(s): I have a pet sitting service and take care of pitties, even ones who live in homes with infants. I enter the home when clients are away, and have NEVER had a problem. It all depends on how they've been raised.
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    Please, - really think this out. I understand the love for your dogs, but - you have already noted they have shown jealousy btwn each other - and they know what each can do instinctively. Do you think they are going to respect a helpless newborn when it is crying and disrupting them? Or, is eating and they want the food? Will they think it a new toy?

    We all love our pets, but honestly when they have already shown questionable behaviour albeit not to you, is there a question?

    What if you are breastfeeding and they see that as the baby biting you or attacking you? You can not even begin to think you know what your dogs are thinking and dogs that take multiple bullets to kill? You and your baby don't stand a chance if they decide they see the situation as one they need to be dominant in.

    Could you adopt your dogs out for a year or so until you get everything set up for your routines and get the dogs to gradually know what's up? I don't know, for me this is a no brainer. I choose to have a human baby and nothing, nobody will get btwn my babe and me. I hope you're not doing this on your own. Good luck.

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    While you are in the hospital have someone take a blanket to your house that smells like your new baby so the dogs can get used to the smell. Try and get your nursery set up before the baby comes home so your dogs know what to expect. It's true you never want to leave your baby alone with your dogs no matter how much you trust your pups.....

    Good luck with will be just fine just trust your gut

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    Its the same as bringing a new puppy in. When you bring baby home, have the dogs in the bathroom or something. Keep them in there, or other rooms other than you baby's. Then put them away, move your baby to another room, and let them smell baby's stuff. Do this a few times and introduce them one at a time. As far as them being pit-bulls its your judgement call. You know them better than anyone else. We have two female labs and the day we brought my son home, they sat in front of him and stared, not moving, for like 3 hours! Now they just step right over him like he's not even there. One of them sometimes steals his binky's from his mouth, but they have never hurt him... Let me add, that one will always be in the same room with him, and if I'm not there and he starts crying, she'll come running for me!

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    i have a rottweiler and a 2 month old baby.

    just do all of the appropriate measures when introducing a dog to a new baby. pitbulls arent different from other dogs, unlike what most people believe.

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    YES! It is wrong, I love animals, but I would love my children more. You can't prefer your baby over your dogs? WHAT?

    Please, please give your baby up for adoption, I'm begging you.

    How many times are you going to ask this question?

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    yes you can prefer the baby over your dogs!!!!! are you serious, or effin around?

    edit,, this happened the other day, never trust a dog alone with any child

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    You are right. Get rid of the baby and keep the dogs. It is best for all concerned.

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    just keep the dogs away from ur baby. they may become jelous of the new member, esp. since they're not use to having the baby around. i;ve lots of news, n i wouldnt suggest to get rid of ur dogs just keep em outside.

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