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Is it "wrong" to have a newborn baby and 2 PitBull dogs?

Personally I would say that there is nothing wrong with that, but people just keep telling me that it is not right. I'm 5 months preg. and I have 2 male Pitbull dogs (15 mos. old), who consider me their mom (i am), and will only become aggressive when I am around both because they get jelous of each other; they're only aggressive to strangers, but not towards anyone in my family. The problem is that I will be staying with the baby in the same room my doggies use to share when they were pups, and obviously my dogs are going to see me with the baby and stuff. I mean, I don't know how they will react, or if it's safe to have the baby around them; my dogs are my kids too, I can't prefer the baby over the dogs because it is not fair. Plus I've heard that newborns shouldn't be in a household were there are certain "animals". I just want to know if any of you have experienced something similar, cause I always think about that issue, but I really don't see anything wrong...

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    Of course it is. How could you ask such a question. Read the article below and see if you still think that way!

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    "I can't prefer the baby over the dogs because it is not fair" Yes, it's very very fair! I love animals, but when you decide to become a Mom, your children come first. Now, about pitbulls. The fact is, if you're asking the question, I suspect you already know the answer. Pitbulls are a breed that is known for random, often unexpected, vicious attacks. Yes, the dogs love you, but as you said yourself they become agressive when you're around and with each other. How do you think they'll react to a baby that's occupying most of your time? I wouldn't risk it, your baby's well being and possibly his/her life could be at risk. On top of that, if your dogs do attack, they'll end up put down anyways, so you're not really doing them a favor. Find them a good home somewhere where there are no children. I know this may not be what you want to hear, but it's the only advice I can give.

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    Well, mostly dogs are fine with babies; they know instinctively that they are like puppies, and the worst that happens is that the dog treats the child like a puppy, which isn't always good, but it's not really dangerous.

    However, I vividly remember some years back when a couple brought their baby home, were relaxing in the living room, and their friendly, faithful pit bull attacked and killed the baby before they could react. The dog apparently had no history of aggression towards people; maybe he didn't realize the baby was a person.

    I can't answer your question, but I do have to say that you need to look into the matter. If you really love your dogs, consult a dog behaviorist on the matter; it can probably be handled.

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    here's what i see wrong, it has nothing to do with the dogs being pit bulls. you have 2 dogs, that sounds like they are not neutered. they are aggressive toward each other and strangers. this is a problem. you have allowed them to act this way, that is a problem. you have created the problem, their breed has not. you have 2 choices. find a home for them where they can get the training and leadership their breed calls for. or you can take the time to do it yourself. they need to be neutered if they are not already. they need to go through obedience training, aggressiveness to anything is not normal and should not be tolerated. you either need to get this under control in the next 4 months or yes you have a disaster waiting to happen. even if the dogs love your child, they will learn to protect that child like you have allowed them to act around you. and someone is going to get hurt. i would give the same advice no matter the breed. but the breed you do have has a hard enough time with the media and sheep herds behind them. you are the problem not the dogs. you either need to learn how to train and properly raise pit bulls or need to find someone who will. also keep in mind that a newborn, toddler or any child left alone unsupervised with any type of pet is a disaster waiting to happen.

    and what do you mean you can't prefer the baby over the dogs??????? are you serious? human safety comes first always!! that statement alone says you should not own this type of breed of dog. or really any for that matter until you learn how to properly train and keep a dog. dogs feel more comfortable when they know the rules and order of a house. and humans are at the top of the pecking order. if you allow your dogs to be on the same level as your child you are not only endangering the child but the dogs as well. find a professional trainer now, or find a home that those dogs can be happy in.

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  • There's nothing wrong with having two Pits and a baby. Since they tend to get jealous of each other, they might get jealous of the baby, so you'll have to take steps to ensure that they realize that you're still their 'mom', but you're the baby's mom, too. A few days before you come home with from the hospital with the baby, send home a blanket that your baby has been wrapped in and let your dogs sniff it so they learn the baby's scent. If they show any aggression towards the baby, you'll have to nip it in the bud. If they haven't already had obedience training, you should get them enrolled in an obedience class. And no matter how well trained they are, never leave them alone with the baby.

    Source(s): Mom of a seven month old and owner of two dogs, one with jealousy issues.
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    omg!! The problem isn't that you have pittbulls, its that you put your dogs in the same catergory as your child!! Your dogs are ANIMALS, your child is a HUMAN. Your child comes first, always...

    I don't believe dogs are born bad, they are made that way, usually by humans who forget that they are animals and not people. If you allow your dog to think he is on the same level and deserves the same treatment as humans, then he will believe that he is the king of your household and will destroy anything that threatens his position as being the leader. That includes your baby. I don't usually insult anyone on this site, but people like you are the reason some dogs expect to be an equal with humans when they aren't, when your dog learns compassion, guilt and all the other humanitarian emotions, he will be the exception above all the other animals that function on mostly instinct. Your dogs are already competitive due to being males, this is because instinct tells them they must be, if the top dog doesn't kill your baby, the next ranking dog will.

    I believe people like you are at least half the reason dogs are in shelters/destroyed. Don't allow your dogs to babysit, ever....

    Don't blame a pittbull for your own ignorance.

    additional- some of the answers are rediculous. You have said that your dogs are already jealous of each other over you, they have shown aggression behaviour and you don't value your child any more than you value them?? disaster.

    If you must have evidence that would show your dogs as having difficulties adjusting to a new addition for your affections, mabye you should adopt a new small breed puppy, keep him indoors and introduce him to your pitts as you would your baby. If your first thought about this is one of being irresponsible, then you have your answer. If you won't introduce a defensless puppy to your pitts, why would you a baby?? Hope this helps you to see sense.

    Source(s): common sense.
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    Agression is something that should not be in a dog unelss its bread into it on purpose ir becasue of improper breeding. Pit bulls should not be naturaly agressive but this has become the norm becsue of gettho back yard breeders who are looking for this. You should never trust any dog around your newborn plain and simple after all its an animal and animals so not think or reason like humans do. If your dogs already have an agression issue towards strangers and eathother at times then you have answered your question already. Dont be the next person to end up on CNN with a injured child or worse. This is why the shelters are full of pitt bulls becasue of bad breeders. It is really unfair to the dog.

    Good luck

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    A baby or young child should NEVER be left alone with any animal, especially dogs (no matter what the breed). However, I've known many a baby (me included) who grew up with cats and dogs with no lasting injuries. You just have to be very careful with the child, teach it how to properly interact with the animal, teach the animal how to interact with the kid, etc.

    That being said, only you know your dogs. At this point, I would ignore their breed and their reputation because even a dog as small as a Chihuahua or as laid-back as a Golden Retriever could harm or kill a baby. I've known some very gentle and loving Pit Bulls; it all just depends on how they were raised and trained. So, my answer applies to any dog that will have to interact with babies.

    I believe that given the proper monitoring and training, you can have the dogs and baby in the same household. Some dogs even become protective of the baby and freak out when the baby is sick or hungry and run to get the parents. I would read articles on how to prepare your dogs for the new baby (get them used to the baby's room with the crib and such, play tapes of crying babies, etc.) to ensure the smoothest transition. There are many articles on the internet advising how to best do this. Good luck!

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    It is only wrong if you are leaving the baby alone with them, which would make it wrong with any dog and a baby. You don't leave kids and dogs alone until they are a lot older. So will the pups have to give up their room for the baby? Yeah probably, because if they did decide to go aggressive, a crib won't stop them from getting at the baby. But should you give up your pit bulls? I don' think so, not unless you know they are bad with children.

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    I've heard lots of stories of children harmed and killed by these dogs. Certain animals like pit balls, especially pit bulls with the behavior your describe, should not be alone around babies and small children.

    You've said the dogs are jealous of each other and that they show agression. They will be more jealous of a baby who will take up so much time. Using their space for the baby will most likely magnify the jealousy.

    You said you put the dogs at an equal level of as your own child. You should prefer the baby to the dogs. It's not fair to the tiny person coming into the world to be treated this way, no matter how wonderful you are to your pets. A human being, especially a child, is worth more than an animal. The life and well being, mental and physical, of a child is and should be paramount.

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    well when i had my son 12yrs ago my "ex" which is my babys dad! had a pitbull and he was amazing with my baby! and people kept saying that we got to get rid of the dog coz he could turn at any time....but my "ex" new his dog better then anyone and he was fine! the dog did used to put his ears up put his head to side everytime baby cryed! but they just wanna know what the noise is! all you can do is let them sniff you and your baby bump and stuff like that! let them sniff baby clothes and all baby stuff! and then when baby arives let dogs sniff the baby...otherwise i think if you just keep the dogs away they will want to know what it is!

    these people dont know anything ! take no notice! the dogs are clearly protecting there mum against strangers! it does not mean they will Attack her baby!

    i have a JRT and hes weary of strangers in the street that i talk to...if he dont no a certain person like if someone knocks on my door then he will growl and bark at them!

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