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michr asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 1 decade ago

do we all really hate....................?

illegal immigrants so much that we would begrudge them an oppurtunity to make amends and earn citizenship, or is it just a case of a loud minority that spews the hatred?

call me ignorant but i believe the majority want to find a way to allow illegals to earn their legal status and become productive citizens. NO AMNESTY, but amnesty does not have to mean deportation there are options. or maybe there aren't maybe i am just ignorant.


Ana G - don't know what your answer has to do with my question but i love it any way, thanks

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    First and foremost you can not take this issue and try to male it about "hate". This is a complex issue and has many facets to it.

    I myself do no "hate" illegal immigrants, but I do believe they need to go home. And with that being said I will explain simply why I think the way I do.

    1. I do not believe a path for citizenship should be offered to those who have no regard for our immigration laws. There are loads of people who do it legally and many more trying to do it legally but simply have to wait their turn.

    2. Jobs Americans Wont Do. OH really? Yeah your right I don't wanna rook houses for 6 dollars an hour. But for 15 bucks an hour I would. Its not that Americans wont do them, its that we can find higher paying jobs, becasue these jobs have been taken away becasue of a steady flux of cheap labor.

    3. If this steady pool of cheap labor all becomes legal, and they are Americans.... why on Earth would they want these jobs. All of a sudden we are gonna face another flux of illegals. Dont think its true.... check your history from when President Regan offered citizenship.

    4. The strain placed on schools, hospitals, and other public services is great. I don;t mind paying taxes for children to be educated, items to help our poor. But I don;t feel it is my job to subsidize incomes for people who broke laws to come here.

    5. If they want to really make ammends.... go home and apply to come here legally. Thats not mean or hate filled, its the law. Thats how we know who is in our country. Thats how we keep people from losing their jobs and ways to support their famailes that are supposed to be in here.

    6. I wouldnt say the majority of people want everyone to become a citizen. I would say things are more evenly split than anyone cares to say. And with polls saying 75% of the nation doesnt want illegals to have drivers liscenses, I can;t imagine they want to give them everything else.

    Basically, there are currently ways to become a citizen and partake of the wonderful things this nation can provide. But in order to enjoy that you need to respect the ways we do things, the way things have worked for many many years. If you cant respect our laws, why on earth would anyone want you here.

    Am I Mean? Am I full of hate? I dont think so and I welcome anyone who does the process properly. But people have to be responsible for their actions and if that means having to go home, then so be it.

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    you said it not me, ignorant. an amnesty or anything of that nature will simply bring more people here illegally. if the 1986 amnesty of 2 to 3 million brought the 12 to 21 million that are here for their amnesty. what will a third wave of illegals look like. remember word travels fast in the day of internet and cell phones. sorry your numbers are way off for those of us that oppose illegal immigration look at the numbers on here it's a pretty good indication. i put the number who oppose more at 95% to 99%. why do you think our government has so quickly changed it's position recently. it's because the opposition is so great they fear losing their jobs. we have stopped amnesty three times i know of this year and politicians were going to try two more times before years end but they changed their minds.

    Source(s): my sources are i surf the web nationally daily to see just what they are not telling us in local papers or local and national tv. there's lots that they are not reporting for whatever reason
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    I dont hate the illegals. I resent the fact they feel they have the right to ignore our laws and then demand we give them equal status. They do not deserve to be put ahead of all the ones who are doing it the legal way.

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    Given the choice between offering illegal alien criminals citizenship and those that are patiently awaiting coming here legally...and obviously we MUST make a choice because we cannot take everybody in...

    Most will take the LEGAL immigrants....in line with our current laws.

    The illegal alien criminals can go home and get in line behind those coming here legally....They can "make amends" from their country, as they should have done in the first place.

    You don't "reward" criminals with citizenship, ESPECIALLY when so many millions of people are trying to come here legally.

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    Call you ignorant? Okay.

    Oh and by the way.... letting people stay here is the same damn thing as amnesty.

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    If you guys hate to much, why don't you go and pick a fight with the mexican gangsters? those white supremacist groups claim to be superior and brave, but I never see them trying to show their supremacy. Instead you see white police officers beating up an old black or Hispanic dude. How coward and sissy is that. Show some manhood !!. Pick on the big guys!!

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    people that hate anything, are people that are attempting to wear their armor on the outside rather than deal with the issues that need to be dealt with. things need to be untangeled and worked through and smoothed over, its called problem solving. bigotry doesnt solve anything.

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    i agree 100% I think there is a middle grounsd solution that will work for everyone if the extremetest on both sides would just chill and the sane people from both sides could work something out..after all there is an OBVIOUS NEED for immigrant labor and not sufficent visas to meet that demand...and YES there is also a need for an ordered border

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    I think that most people want the ones that commit crimes here deported, and, want to offer an option for the hard-working ones to stay.

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    There are options that don't include "amnesty". That also don't include deporting many who do try to contribute positively. It's whether or not people are willing to listen from BOTH sides.

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