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PLUMBERS HELP! Ihad new boiler installed 1 month ago,central heating wont function properly.When system is....

drained,then refilled to boilers recomended pressure,all is o.k. after releasing air .However once heating is turned off,the system follows the same pattern allways,on start up,heat only comes to a couple of upstairs pipes,and the boiler keeps firing up for a short while,then firing down,repeating constantly.there are no error codes displayed on the boiler.I tried running heating for 1 day constant on first start up after draining,all was o.k. but next day back to the same pattern,HELP!


Istaller has been back 3 times and removed old zone valves and bled system of air till all is ok .the system is unconventional,namely twin pipes that run along skirtings in each room,with covers over them.the pipes have air release fittings in each room,all was well before new boiler was fitted,its a heatline c24/c28.the installer is not convinced a power flush will cure,and has not charged for anything more than the installation.he is corgi reg and a good man,though we are at our wits end and so is he.

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    ok power flush should have been done with any new boiler sounds like something simple if you or installer has bled system properly it won't be major the boiler is working fine.

    im guessing but you've had a system conversion to a combi great it makes life generally simple first thing is to check all radiator valves are open on both sides failing this get your installer to swap the flow and return over under the boiler then see what happens(somewhere on your old system is what looks like a 22mm comp fitting but really its a one way valve) any probs call HND plumbing and heating 07824339670 Dave

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    Any new boiler fitted to any system weather old or new must have been flushed/ power flushed. Tell your installer that them have to do this.

    Not sure about Corgi Registration, then get his company name, his name or Corgi number and call or go on line and check with Corgi. You should have done this before work is carried out.

    Have the radiators been balanced, so many installers just dont seem to realise this. The return valves should be only opened a certain amount, generally opened one turn would do.

    Has air been removed from the boiler.

    Have the flow and returns on the boiler been connected the right way round.

    Has the wiring been connected the right way.

    First i would check they are Corgi registered then i think i may well get a second opinion on the installation.

    Definitely keep bugging the installers until your system is working

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    As said old boilers will often go on ad infinitum. However, all boilers, like cars, need regular maintenance to keep them in good working order. If you fail to maintain your boiler it will shorten it's life and it will let you down. The comment from the plumber is correct. Most boiler maintenance people will try to sell you a new boiler as it represents a windfall for them. All you have to do is politely ignore the sales pitch and insist on maintenance or a repair. British Gas Services (BGS) maintain the boilers in my properties, a couple of which are 25 years old. The engineer will often use a phrase such as 'on borrowed time' but whilst spares are still available they have to do any necessary repairs. The upshot is that if you take out a maintenance contract with BGS the chances are you will never be without heat or hot water until the boiler is so old they can't get spares.

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    The problem seems to be a large air lock in your system, or pump is faulty. To check the pump, turn on your heating and touch the pump to feel any vibration. For any air lock, you need to shut the boiler off, and wait at least 10 minutes for any air to rise tio the top of the rads. Then open each rad vent in turn, and let any water run out for at least 30 seconds. While you are doing this, keep checking the boiler water pressure is kept topped up. If none of this works, then call an engineer out under the boiler Guarentee (No Charge)

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    Get the installer back and tell him to do a proper job!

    Your problem is an airlock in the system. The problem, when draining old systems, is that sediment has a habit of settling in the bottoms of radiators. These blockages cause your system to retain air pockets.

    You need to bleed each radiator until all the air is released. You can do this with the heating on. You will be able to trace the progress of the airlock by the extension in hot pipes.

    Partial airlocks in radiators are typified by only part of the radiator heating.

    I had this problem. My solution was to instal a drain tap at the lowest point in the system. When I drain it now, I refill with the tap slightly open. This drives out any sediment as the system fills. It is also wise to add a few litres of sediment solvent at the heating header tank.

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    If you had the boiler installed a month ago, you should get the installer back, also, without make and model it is hard to guess, some boilers have a pre-heat function, it sounds like the boiler is cycling on pre-heat and the diverter is not opening for heating. Or the pump is not running.

    Source(s): Worcester Bosch accredited heating installer.
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    I agree, the installer should sort this out.

    Assuming that the pipes are all the same as under the previous boiler, there should be no blockages or air-locks, so it sound like it's down to the boiler itself.

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    the installer may be a good man,and be registered with corgi but it sounds like he is lacking in experience. you should seek out another installer to remidy your problem.your discription of the fault is pretty vague even after the second attempt.why do you have to keep draining the system?try turning all the rads off bar one.once its hot turn another one on and turn first one off,repeat with all the radiators.once you have them all hot on there own,try turning them all on together

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    You still have an airlock. The bleeders have to be used in sequence with the loop. So, first radiator in the loop first, 2cnd radiator second, etc. This process may need to be repeated a few times to get the air completely out. Note: most systems have more than 1 loop.

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    sounds like an air lock to me but for the real answer call the installer back he should fix the problem and he should not charge you

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