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Is it ok to add hot water to a tank to raise the temprature ?

I have a smallish tank and it dosent get very much sunlight. Theres light coming into the room but not directly on it. The water reaches around 16 degrees each night. Its housing 3 small baby yabbies or also called crayfish, and they grow bigger and faster if the tempratures between 25 and 30 deegrees. I would only add a glass of hot water now and again with the clorine remover of course, is that ok ? or would there be better ways other then buying a light.

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    Guess what? Your crayfish do not need hot water. 16 degrees is perfectly fine and can live in temperature of 5 degrees. Making the water hot to make them grow will significantly reduce their life. Leave them be, and concentrate more on doing water changes, proper filtration and lot's of aeration (bubbles). Crays also love driftwood and hiding spots like caves and pot plants.

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    First of all, not such an obvious question, if you know anything about water heaters, other than the fact that there are gas and electric models, you would know that the only type of water heater that has a switch is an electric unit. Hilda said the water heater is in a cupboard, which means it's fairly small, probably less than 20 gals. These units are used in mobile homes because they can be located under kitchen cabinets and out of the way. They are also used in some new home construction for instant availability of hot water, in this case they are called "point of use" units. So, to the actual question. If you use a lot of hot water during the day, for what ever use, then leaving the unit on for that period is practical. You have the hot water available when you need or just want it. If demands for the hot water taper off during the evening hours, maybe then you could shut it down for several hours without any inconvenience. You would have to remember to turn it back on upon rising the next morning, so that the hot water is again available.

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    you can raise the temperature slowly over time by adding a little warmer water each time. I wouldn't change the water more than 4-5 degrees and one water change a week. Don't take all your water out though less then half will be enough. also it could be due to what your tank is sitting on that is making the water cold. wood is best to sit a tank on. I have 3 smaller tanks and i placed a small piece of fleece from the fabric store under my tank. fleece hold the heat in better but i have used felt too its nice because its thinner but fleece works much better for holding in the heat. You also might consider an acrylic tank they are said to hold the heat in better all 3 of my tanks are acrylic and make sure it has a light. with the fabric under the tank, a light and acrylic tank i don't have problems with my water being to cold it is usually at about 74 f

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    No! The hot water would warm up the water too fast. Just get a decent heater to put in the tank. and that will keep the temp. just right as long as the heater has an adjustable thermostat. You can find one at your local pet store that has fish and things. A light might help with keeping the water warm but a heater will help to keep it regulated better.

    But because I don't really know what it takes to keep what you have becareful of the heater too, because unless you have a full tank of water the heater will not work.

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    The only problem with adding the warm water is it could raise the temp of the water to fast and cause the crayfish to go into shock and kill them.... You can get a tank heat at the pet store that would keep the tank the around the same temp all the time.

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    A tank heater would be the best solution. The addition of hot water raises the temperature too quickly, which can harm the craws. The water temp will also be fluctuating a lot by using the hot water. If you add a heater, the water will gently climb to your setting and then adjust thermostatically on its own to keep the water at a steady temp.

    Have fun

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    absolutely not. Buy a small tank heater for less than $10 at wallyworld (walmart) Cray fish are smallish fresh water crap types that can generally handle medium temperature changes. If you add the hot water you risk killing them by creating hot spots.

    Look at it this way over time they'll grow any ways, maybe not as fast as you seem to want them to grow, but grow they will.

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    DO NOT DUMP HOT WATER! That can put them into thermal shock! The BEST way to warm your water is through a heater and you can buy them at any pet store.

    Good luck.

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    ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!!!!! They might be shcked by the sudden temperature change.

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