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Which Broadband Supplier?

I am planing on changing broadband supplier this month and am not sure who is best to go with?

I am interested in the free gifts that companies are giving but i dont want a 24 month contract. I cant get Virgin Media in my area and I have a BT Line.

Any suggestions??

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  • Baz
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    I am with Virgin Media and I only pay £9 a month and you also have about 30 free TV programs, but I think that you have to have there phone which is £11 a month.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    In thought, Virgin Media has the quickest accessible broadband. In prepare, as you're interior of two miles of an substitute, decide for the optimum marketed velocity. Orange residing house broadband is marvelous whilst it works, yet their shopper provider sucks; BT is all-around customary; O2 residing house looks particularly ok; those are the only ones i be responsive to of.

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    try a company called be. at they provide 24mb broadband for £24 per month.

    fastest provider "faster than virgin media even though they say that they are"

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    i used to have orange, and i dont rate them much, their customer service is appaling, i am with Sky, and i would rate them!

    they are fantastic customer service is good and they are no problems.. if you have sky, and you are in a right area, you can get the broadband for free! x good luck x

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    Orange is really good, and you get free international and national phone calls......

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