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How long does it take for baby swordtails to grow?

I have 3 baby swordtails, all female, in a floating box in my tank. Problem being, one of my mollies is now pregnant, how long will it take for them to grow big enough to go back into my community tank? The biggest fish i have are the mollies.

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    As has been said you need to wait until the fry are larger than the biggest mouth in your main tank.

    But there is nothing to stop you from catching the baby Mollies and adding them to the breeding tank whilst it still has the young Swordtails within.

    Obviously you can't put the female Molly in the breeding tank as she'll eat the young Swords.

    If you don't catch them the Molly (and your Swordtails) will have more month in anything from 4 - 6 weeks so you can have another go.

  • Guppy
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    Mollies mouths are huge, you want to pay attention to this, there is a chance that may eat swordtail fry. Usually in about one month the mollie fry can go back in the community tank, however, mollies start out bigger than swordtails. I would wait two months, and lay some breeding grass for the fish to hide in if they are too small.

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    You need to make sure you do not put any fry back into the community tank until they are bigger than the mouths of the other fish. To be safe it may be worth getting yourself a new breeding tank. I would say it will take over a month for the fry to get to a size where it would be safe to release them into the large tank. Good luck with your babies xx

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    it all depends on the size of your mollies, i have a whole bunch of swordtails and some of the adult swordtails ate the fry (not cool), you may be able to put them back in at about a month old, but if you want to put them in sooner, aquire some thick aquarium plants for them to hide in.

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    2-3 weeks

  • Get a net, the glass box stunts there growth mate!

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