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wrong car stopped by police?

If your car is stopped by the police. They used spike strips to flatten all 4 tires. But then they find out they stopped the WRONG car, does their agency pay to have your car towed to a repair shop to replace all 4 tires, at the cost of the government agency, or do they say "sorry," and drive off; leaving you stranded? They showed this on CNN yesterday. But did not say if they helped the lady get her car going again.

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    Like Mikey and frank f have said. You didn't get the whole story. There is NO WAY the police or anyone but the owner of the car is going to have to pay for damages and like stated here is why.

    If spikes are used on a vehicle, it was most likely in a pursuit. This means that the driver is breaking the law for not pulling over. (Even if it was the wrong car) At this point the driver is going to be arrested and is committing a crime. The police use spike strips to stop the vehicle, and driver is arrested.

    Any damage to the vehicle that is caused is the responsibility of the driver or owner at this point.

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    The agency (American) is obligated to pay for any damages done to the vehicle. In most policies for agencies that use the spike strip there is no "exception" clause for damaging other persons vehicles. Included with the tires replaced the towing to the location would also be covered. Any other "damages" such as lost time from work etc. would have to go through the agencies attorney i.e. city police city atty., state police would be attorney general. If all else fails, then the Crime Victims Compensation Act would have to kick in.

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    In most places I know of the local police force will pay for repairs and or replacement of the tyres, towing etc as required if they use a spike strip and get the wrong car.

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    the police are paid by the people so they are really careful but still make costly mistakes as long as they are not neglegent and make the best decision with the information they have they are not responsible hat would be me and everyone else paying for your tires why would I do that. I really am sorry. The agency should refer you to a dealer that they use and get you a much reduced price but not cover the final cost. That is what I would expect and request because cops go through tires like babies go through diapers.

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    They do not use spikes unless the driver refuses to stop, and running from the law is probable cause, therefore too bad. Stop next time.

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    Of course they are obligated to pay. Whether or not it was intentional, damages did occur. The obligated parties are responsible for paying.

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    I'm sure they are responsible might have to sue if they dont !!

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