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i really want to learn witch craft can anyone help me get started?

im new and like to get some help on starting my first witch craft

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    Just wiggle your nose when you want stuff. You're either a natural witch... or an idiot wiggling your nose.

    Good luck with that!

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    First I have a couple of questions for you to really ponder.

    1. Why do you think you might want to practice witchcraft?

    2. What lead you to this path?

    3. What do you expect to gain from it?

    If your answer to ANY of these questions is "power", forget it.

    READ!!! Find out which denomination you would prefer. You may find your answer in, Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft.

    I would not bother with any type of initiation or gathering of ritual tools until you find which path you are going to follow. Most tools are not necessary in all denominations. I have much more than most, but then, I have been practicing for a very long time. My particular path essentially needs only a Staff, Dirk (athame) and a Keek-Stane (or crystal ball). Other tools can be acquired as needed.

    I am Pecti-Witan (aka Hedge Witch, not Wiccan) a "solitary" practitioner of "the Old Religion", and have been for many, many years. Being a "Witch" is nothing like what is portrayed in movies or on Television. There is nothing flashy about it. we are fairly simple people with "abilities" that everyone has, ours are just honed and utilized. Lots of research and practice. There is a lot to learn when you are dealing with herbal, mineral and candle magick.

    I read tarot cards, rune stones and utilize a number of other tools for divination but would NEVER charge anyone for anything I do! Besides, I do not do "readings" or "cast spells" for others on demand. That sounds more like a con game to me! Though I am often asked.

    Now as for what I did to start, well, it seemed to come naturally to me, (my mother was a witch and my great grandmother was the daughter of a Comanche medicine man) and I believe this is not my first life (nor the last) as a witch. I have always had a deep respect for nature and have an innate ability to communicate with animals. When I was very young my parents encouraged me to learn about all religions, so I did. And I encourage you to do the same to find your true path. Books are an excellent source, providing you get the right ones, there are some I would avoid (Ravenwolf). I prefer Scott Cunningham. If you can connect with other practitioners that would also be a good way to learn. One question you must ask yourself is are you looking for the structured system of a Coven (are you old enough?) or would you prefer the life as a "Solitary"? Buckland has some very good books outlining both. But my favorite book is still "Wicca, a Guide for the Solitary Practitoner". It is a good place to start (or affirm).

    As you have probably noticed, you also have to have a thick skin, because even in this "advanced" civilization there are still those who believe we worship the devil (LMAO), and would rather turn a blind eye to the world around them. Some will even admit that they think we should be burned at the stake! Ignorance knows no bounds.

    If you are very young, expect ridicule and really stupid requests to do "Magic" like they do on TV or in movies. It is not going to make you cool. Expect people to tell you that you are going to Hell. You will probably lose friends. Just being honest with you.

    I hope you find the answers you were looking for.



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    The amount of people who just like to hear themselves talk never ceases to amaze me. Of all those that posted only a small handful actually answered your question.

    Anything by Scott Cunningham is helpful. StarHawk is another good author for beginners. True Magick by Amber K is another good starter book. Llewellyn books has a great website. The others who answered your question gave you a good site. I've heard good things about that one. There are many pagan groups here on yahoo you may want to look into.

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    The first thing is to read read read. Get your hands on some good books (i.e. Scott Cunningham, Starhawk) Depending on the area that you live in there might be a meet group for Wiccans, or Pagans. Look at for people or groups/covens in your area. Mosts groups have a year and a day class for beginners. I hope you find what you're looking for, May the lord and lady bless and keep you.

    Blessed Be.

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    Read this Book.

    Cunningham, Scott., The Truth about Witchcraft Today. St. Paul, Minn: Llewellyn Publications, 2005.

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    Just go to the bookstore and start taking a look in the metaphysical section. There are different kinds of witchcraft; santeria, voodoo, chaos magic, etc. Browsing the metaphysical section of bookstores and reading a lot about it was how I first learned about it.

    Don't listen to these other people heckling you, they have no idea even what it is all about.

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    Just watch TV, popular movies, local public Libraries and used book stores have lots of material on it. Find other maladjusted kids to hang out with; they might already be practicing witchcraft and they can give you pointers. Or you could just go to the source and ask Satan to ruin your life slowly over the years. Maybe he'll interduce you to drugs, alcohol and emotionless sex along the way. Witchcraft is a neat way to pick up emotionally scarred people and you'll need them for the shallow sex part. Plus the clothes and jewelry look cool.

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    I can tell you what the Bible says about "witchcraft." Read the account of Moses and Pharoh in Exodus 7: 8-13. Then come back and tell me that "witchcraft" is real. By the way, Exodus is in the OLD Testament.


    Here is a good website to get you started

    Personally when crafting a witch, I take some construction paper and add yarn to make hair.

    Shouldn't this be in the crafting or halloween section?

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    I did witchcraft and became demon possessed. You still may decide to get into this so the only way to get free is to accept Jesus as Lord and live for Him. Having demons inside of you is not fun at all. I would feel like I was being ripped to peices inside my body and in alot of physical pain. I will pray that you will not get involved. Thank you for asking this question. God loves you.

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    It's not like the movies, your not going to fly or make someone fall in love with you.

    You want to do magic?

    You should learn to be a magician, they do all kinds of cool things.

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