If we didn’t know how the band/ artiste looked like…?

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+ If we didn’t know how the band/ artiste looked like – would his/ her/ their music be half as enjoyable?

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By the way, do any of you have memories of a time when you sometimes didn’t even know what some of your favourite bands looked like (maybe because – in the old days, certain enigmatic Indie bands often never put their faces on their album art – and they probably won’t be on MTV much if they weren’t ‘mainstream’)…

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    1 decade ago
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    No. Definitely not. If that didn't matter so much than when people signed record deal contract, they'd still look the same.

    Remember how much Kelly Clarkson's appearance changed when she got her record deal and went on MTV? That wouldn't matter if image didn't sell but it does...Big time. I remember when the Backstreet Boys came out. I remember thinking how annoying I thought their music was but lots of my friends loved them and that was only because they thought the guys were hot.

    Most people aren't even paying attention to the lyrics of the songs they are singing or if they do, its not even because of the talent of the musician..its because they think the lyrics are cool. When I was a teenager I was listening to "I wanna sex you up" by Color me Badd. I was way too young to be singing that.

    What about Bop magazines and all those similar to it? They are all people who had someone airbrush their makeup, a stylist fix their hair, and someone to figure out what clothes they should wear. Image is everything to people now.

    I noticed that when Daft Punk came out years and years ago, I didn't ever see their faces on their albums or anything. Later I read that the reason why Daft Punk never show their faces at their shows or in their videos is done on purpose. They want to be appreciated for their talent. I still haven't seen what Kraftwerk looks like, but does it matter?

    Speaking for myself, I really don't care either way what the artist looks like. Looks shouldn't influence people as much as they do.

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    It gives me a better image of who's the voice behind it.

    But either way, my interest towards the music wouldn't change if I saw the band or artist. If the music's awesome, then appearance shouldn't really have anything to do with ears.

    Additional: It took me over a decade to finally get the faces straight. I've heard their music, but I've never seen them before. They were mostly '80s artists. The music today is that if I hear a band or artist I don't know, I'll probably look them up on Google, and an image would pop along with the info. But still, it's not the most necessary thing to look for faces.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've noticed, since videos became absolutely necessary for a band to get any traction, that appearance has had more to do with popularity than the music.

    In fact, the music, by which I mean the instruments and the challenge of playing them, seems to not interest almost anyone.

    My proof of this?

    Thirty years ago if you asked people to list all of their favorite guitar players, you would see a great long list.

    These days there are very few people even noted for playing well.

    It's all about the lipstick and the hair do at this point.

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe some acts get way more attention than they deserve, based on their image. Marilyn Manson, for example. In the old days it was Alice Cooper, Kiss, etc. Even Bowie wouldn't have been half as interesting if it wasn't for his chameleon-like changes. And speaking of chameleons, how can we forget Boy George?

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  • 1 decade ago

    To be honest, it never really mattered to me what the artist looked like, cause if i liked their music, i like their music. I've always found that i got an image of the person from their music, not the other way around, so appearance never affected my music choice.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes i remember them days! they were the best =]

    I think that not knowing what they look makes it better <3

    Gives it a kind of mystery,,,,

    You should love the voice not the artist's/band's looks.


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