How to go back to original Hotmail (ie. not "Live")?

Decided to go into this to view my Hotmail with the new Windows Live facility for the first time today as thought it looked good.

Went in and it all looks okay so I though I'd change my password (as I recently had a hacked Yahoo account). Unfortunately when I try to access the account information section, all I get is "loading" and spinning dots and nothing actually happens. I suspect that because I'm at work there's some kind of block on this kind of access (although no block to access email etc).

I have tried to search on how to go back to original version but to no avail. Will I have to log onto a home computer to change it back? Is it even possible? Thank you.

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    1 decade ago
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    I hate the live version ... its shite =[

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    1 decade ago

    The circling green dots means it is trying to connect to the Hotmail servers.

    Once you have opted to go to Windows Live Mail, you cannot go back to the old MSN Hormail. Also MSN is in the process of manually moving accounts to the new format so at some point, people won't have a choice.

    You can, however, choose to use the Windows Live Hotmail Classic View. To get to Classic view, after logging into Hotmail, go to Options, select More Options and near the top you click on the blue "Try the classic version".

    Regarding changing your password, it is easily changed by going to the Windows Live ID page (link below), and click on the Account Services in the "Already signed up for Windows Live ID" section. Log on and it will bring you to you main MSN profile change where you can change your password.

    ====edit: sorry, I forgot the link

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    It may not be possible at this point to switch back. I don't know, but I'm waiting until they make the change for me.

    It's my understanding that they're going to change us all to the new "Live" version soon. I keep getting e-mails and messages when I log in, to that effect. My sister changed hers soon after they started offering it, and was not impressed, but she was able to switch back. I haven't changed mine yet for fear of glitches just like you describe.

    Do you have a pop-up blocker on your pc at work? If you do, you might try disabling it and see if it will allow you to change your password or change back to the original Hotmail version. If the sound is turned off on my pc, I often sit here and look at the screen and wait for something to happen and more often than not, it's the pop-up blocker that is causing the problem. Good luck in figuring this out!

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    In Live mail (Hotmail) on the left side inbox sent and all folders are shown. There is one more shortcut link - Today

    Click it, then new page displays - There on heading it will show this

    'You're using the full version of Windows Live Hotmail.

    Not fast enough? Try the classic version.'

    This is a link. select/click it and you will restore back!

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  • 1 decade ago

    i completely agree, i got an email saying that i have won a new version of hotmail, but its the live version, and i hate it, i want my old hotmail back, stupid windows, im not trusting them again, i say we all buy apple!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago we all r stuck with it,best of luck

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