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Is swimming just as good exercise for losing weight at using CV machines in the gym?

Or does it just tone you up? Is it better to lose weight at the gym and then go swimming to tone up, or will it make no difference? Would i be ok going to the gym twice a week and the pool twice a week?

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    Any form of exercise is better than no form of exercise. The advantage of swimming is that it's non-weight bearing so is useful for people with arthritis, or joint problems especilly in the hips, knees and ankles. It puts less strain on the heart than a full Cardio workout. However if you're fit and well, then go for the cardio work and then use swimming to wind down and cool down after your regular workout.

    To lose weight avoid lifting heavy weights but concentrate on running, rowing, cross training etc which will help to burn off the fat and not replace it with heavier bulkier muscle tissue.

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    No; swimming is better for you, a LOT better. The reason is simply because swimming requires you to keep whole body moving to prevent drowning (and then some!), therefore toning your whole body - particularly legs and shoulders/upper arms. Naturally, it'll help you lose weight - but, yes, you will eventually develop muscle.

    Gym activities - like, say, running - are of course good for you and will help you to lose weight when intertwined with a good diet, but they will only tone certain parts of your body. I've heard that the two sports that will kick you into shape the best are swimming and trampolining, so taking those two activities up would be a good idea if you want to get fit/lose weight (or do both at the same time, maybe?).

    And, yes, I think you'll be fine and dandy with the gym-twice pool-twice regime. I highly doubt it'll make any difference if you do the two activities in a different order. Good luck with losing that weight!

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    .Swimming combined with weight training is an excellent way to get in shape, but make sure you build it up gradual, don't overdo it when you first start. Swimming exercises all the muscles in your body, ones you don't use when you work out at the gym. it will all help you to lose weight. But with swimming it is important to build up the lengths you do and try to do an extra one each time. Also don't forget to make sure you eat a healthy diet if you are doing all that exercise.

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    Of course. If you do both of them, it would be great! When you swim, you move your whole body. The gym is definitely a good place to either lose weight or tone yourself up.

    Going to the gym and pool twice a week is fine to me but remember that to lose weight: you must have a healthy diet. Anyway, just remember to drink plenty of water!

    Good luck!

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    Swimming is GREAT exercise. I swam competitively for years, and still coach. Swimming is good for most of your body. It tones your muscles, and can get you feeling great. However, swimming IS NOT GOOD for burning fat. Your body needs oxygen to burn fat, and when you are swimming, you are not breating at a regular pace. However, as long as you are not REPLACING cardio with swimming, and you are balancing your workouts (as you have said), this would work out ok. You will not lose weight quite as fast as if you were just doing cardio, but as long as you don't have a specific DEADLINE for losing the weight, then swimming and cardio be ok.

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    medical study has shown time and time again that when swimming is the sole source of exercise it is inferior for weight loss (fat loss) when compared to resistance training, running or biking. body fat analysis shows that elite sprinters have 3-4% less body fat than elite swimmers while this may not sound like a lot it is substantial.

    for optimum fat loss you need to swim and do some resistance training. hit the weights 2 days and swim for 2 days. ultimately the diet that you follow will determine the level of body fat that you have not the types of exercise that you partake it. exercise only provides stimulus to the muscles and to the central nervous system, your diet provides energy and nutrients...

    Source(s): BS Exercise Science IFPA Certified Master Trainer 25+ years of resistance training experience 17 years of martial arts training
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    It would be better overall to go swimming as you are using all of your mucsels at once where as in the gym you are doin it one at a time and it takes forever, overall swimming is better

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    Swimming is better as all the muscles in your body are used not just your arms or your legs and it will keep you more toned where as the gym you would prob get muscles.

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