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Are there any recorded cases of conjoined triplets?

Just a thought that popped into my head...please, don't give rude answers, I consider this a valid question as it could be physically possible:

Step 1. An egg is fertilized

Step 2. The egg begins to spilt, but the separation is incomplete, resulting in conjoined twins

Step 3. One of the two conjoined eggs begin to spilt a second time, and the separation is incomplete once again, resulting in three conjoined embryos

is this possible? has it ever happened? if so, how long did they survive?

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    Unidentified (Sicily, Italy, 1834) 3 boys born with a single torso, two hearts, two stomachs, two lungs & three heads. The case was profiled in Gould & Pyle's Curiosities of Medicine.

    Unidentified (Samsun, Turkey, 1955?) Three heads, two pairs of arms, two pairs of legs; lived for 2 hours. On autopsy four lungs, three livers, three brains, two hearts and two kidneys were found. Information appeared in Sexology Magazine in 1955, they cited the Journal of the American Medical Association for the information.

    There have been 43 sets of triplets born with 2 conjoined. Only 6 of those sets have all three surviving, 17 sets I have no stats on, and the rest had one or both conjoined babies die.

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    I don't believe so, ...not that I've heard of! great question.

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