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Last minuet vasectomy advice?

Please only answer if you are a man that had one, or if you are a women whom lived with a man that had one performed at the time you were with him. Anyone posting any immature nonsense about loosing my manhood will be reported.

I am scheduled to get a “traditional” vasectomy (cut and cauterize) on the 25th or this month. I am new in town, so my buddy (whom has already had one), and his girlfriend are coming out to stay the weekend with me. We will watch movies, BBQ, throw darts (if I am up to it), and drink beer(will I be able to drink, I forgot to ask the doctor about that).

He is giving me a ride to and from the clinic. I bought some jock straps, and a new jogging suit to wear for the first few days. I will have to wear regular work clothes on Monday, because I will be back at work.

We have plenty of movies to watch on my new TV. I won’t have to lift anything, because they will be here. I also have an ice pack!

Have I overlooked anything?


If you have to ask: I am 25, single, with no kids. I have decided that I want to be Child-Free!

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    Get some of those reusable gel ice packs... you know, the blue ones that go in the softside coolers? Get the smallest size you can so that there is less pressure on your 'boys'. I suggest at least 2, possibly 3 so that there is always a cold one....

    I had minimal pain after mine... the doc forgot to give me a script for pain killers, and I never needed more than advil anyway.

    Make sure you go back for your semenalysis after 20 ejaculations to make sure you are sperm-free.

    It's easy, relax!

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    My husband had a vasectomy a few years ago.

    You sound like you have everything covered.

    I would suggest to shave yourself and not let the clinic do it.

    Make sure you have some pain killers available as well.

    I would say don't have any beer 24 hours before hand but you might want to verify with the clinic.

    You might not want kids now but you never know about your future. Might want to donate to a sperm bank just in case.

    Also make sure to go back after a month to ensure you are firing blanks.

    Good luck and hope you have a speedy recovery.

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    Seems like you have everything covered, and I assume you have thought carefully about the fact you will not be able to father children and are sure of your decision.

    It will hurt for awhile, so make sure you have some painkillers. Don't drink anything before the operation, ask the doctor how soon after. I had mine many years ago and recall I went back to work the next day. I also recall I drove back home after the operation, so it couldn't have been that bad. Good luck!

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    Very good. Just think what you will save in child support! You will never regret it.

    I think you have everything covered.

    I would not drink for at least two days.

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    ive had two of them, i have a reoccuringtube problem so it fixes it self about once every 6 years, its a pain 2 need it so often,

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    .Yes you have, some men have a castrated feeling for ever and I know one who has never been able to sit in an easy chair without constant ache.

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    be carefull, just cuz you had the vasectomy doesnt mean you cant still get her pregnant. It happens often

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    i havent had 1 but i wana give u advice, reconsider you can always have it later, but u cant have it undone. if u cant wait at least have sperm frozen. At 25 you may not want a kid but at 35? think about wat u wanted at 15? how does that compare to wat u want today? u have to live with this decision for (hopefully) at least 50 years so take your time no rush

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    Being only 25, you may want to reconsider, you are young. What about marriage... i know you stated you didn't want kids, but your future wife may want them.

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