Can you paint over laminated wood?

We've inherited some ugly laminate wardrobes, my mum said I could paint them but that I'd need a primer or some sort of base coat that will allow paint to dry on the laminate, does anyone know what I need to get?


I'm sorry I don't know what type of laminate this is...I'm just a girl and I don't know anything about decorating lol....

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    If you go into B&Q and such like, you can buy special paint for laminates.

    I was given 2 hideous brown bedside cabinets, I rubbed them down for the paint to key, and painted them a pale blue. Changed the door handles and the transformation is complete, and very good they look too.

    The paint is made by Ronseal. It is called ' One Coat Paint for Melamine and MDF'.

    The colours are a bit limited to white,pale blue,sage green, black etc.

    IAnother idea to bring life back to ugly old wardrobes, is to wallpare them.

    Find a wallpaper you like and cover them and varnish it afterwards to protect. You could staple fabric over them as well

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    paint laminated wood

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    You can get primers that would bond onto surfaces like laminate. Look for primers for kitchen cupboards/units, or for use on enamel.

    There are also 1 coat paints for difficult surfaces, also designed for use on kitchen units. I do believe Dulux and Crown have a range. See the links:

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    It would be helpful to us if you defined "laminate"

    Certainly a WOOD veneer; laminated over sub strate wood; is paintable; with the proper PREP.

    If the laminate is MICA; you "CAN" do; but I promise you'll be dissatisfied over any long term.

    Steven Wolf

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    Bq Wardrobes

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    Ted Mcgrath is a very dedicated and experienced woodworker who knows what he is talking about when it comes to woodworking and DIY projects s he has been a woodworker for many many years

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    yes though which product would need to be researched. also what is laminated furniture frames etc. etc. also watch the lead paint stuff if you have small children.

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    If the surface is clean and dry any spray paint will change the color of the unit.I would not waste my time with a prime coat.Just pick "YOUR" color and spray it in a well ventilated room.

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    The surfaces have to go cleanly(well) and were grease-free, then to me to very fine sandpaper enliven and I would take from water-dis solvable lacquer.


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