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white stuff in my underwear??

I'm 12 years old and im having some white gooey stuff in my underwear...i don't know what it is..

i also noticed that i have to go to the bathroom more times can you please help me about this....


what does this mean?

Update 2:

what does this mean?

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    if without oder or irritation it's an indication your sexual organs are maturing and is natural, the vagina's auto cleaning system, your period is about to begin could be days weeks or months, and the discharge will continue for a lifetime, keep yourself as clean as possible and wear only cotton crotched panties no tight fitting clothing in the crotch area as vulva must breath, also carry pads to school with you in case you period starts! best wishes

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    Probably just normal secretions - Ask your mom or the school nurse for more info, or if you think it is something more

    or it is accompanied with pain, itching or discomfort, ask your mother to take you to the doctor and then ask to speak to the doctor privately. Ask your mom for a female doctor if that will make you feel more comfortable? Or if embarrassment or money is an issue, go to the free family Planning Service clinic in your area with a freind (see links below). Discreetly ask one of the receptionist if there is someone they can let you talk to. (they generally deal with pregancy and birth control - but I am sure they will understand and can answer your questions and point you in the right direction, if you tell them this was your only alternative.) Good luck. Stay away from strangers.

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    going to the bathroom has nothing to do with it, it could be how much you drink or something, but as for the white stuff, it is a normal discharge that basically it is cleaning itself out. it starts around puberty and is sometimes heavier or thicker right before your period. its nothing to worry about, every woman has it.

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    It's called discharge. That why, you have white stuff in your panty. That is normal. Goes talk your mom about Discharge. She very happy to explain with you about discharge and period. You will learn much more than you think.

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    It's discharge and it's your vagina's way of cleansing itself that happens during ovulation. It can be watery, slimy, or thick enough to be picked up at once. All of these are normal. It can also normally be clear, cloudy or white. If it's lumpy like cottage cheese, it could be indicative of a yeast infection. If it's yellow or green, or has a foul smell, it's indicative of a yeast or bacterial infection. Reddish-brown is indicative of your period starting or stopping.

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    This is puberty and discharge

    Dont worry about it... If it starts to smell bad or gets really thick or something then you could have an infection but otherwise its completely fine =]

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    Its just discharge and quite normal if it still worries you speak to your mum or a nurse/doctor

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    its called discharge. its completely normal and most girls get it for about 6 months to a year before there period.

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    It's natural. You're becoming a woman.

    If it starts to itch, see a doctor.

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    might be normal discharge. check website below.

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