Opening a text document in Metapad produces this message. "Lines ending in solitary carriage returns detected"

When I open a text file in Metapad (a slightly advanced text editing program compared to Notepad) I get this message. "Lines ending in solitary carriage returns detected. (Possibly a Macintosh text file.) Converting to UNIX format." If I open the file up in Notepad I don't get that message. My question is, is it changing anything in that file by converting it to UNIX? The information in the file is critical and every character is important. I have backups and all but I'm wondering what it means when it says that and if it's changing anything with in the file that I can't see.

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  • tfloto
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    1 decade ago
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    It could be changing the file. Some editors want to end a line with the carriage return character Others require two characters, a carriage return and a linefeed, to end the line. So the editor you are using adds that linefeed character at the end of each line. If you don't save the file in metapad you're ok.

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