give me some advice?

i'll be going for an interview into uni of adelaide for dentistry!..i just want to know roughly how it many interviewers, what topics will they touch about body language and the way i dress..i know first impression is very important...besides that...i should just be myself!

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    I know the first few questions you asked are probably what you really wanted answers to but I am not in that field so I can't contribute there but being that no one else yet has stepped up to the plate and helped I will offer answers to your latter questions.

    Your attire should not be casual. No open toed shoes or high heels. Limit your jewelry. Nothing that clings or is too loose and overflowing. Keep makeup to a minimum.

    Stand and walk straight. While sitting you may cross legs but

    don't cross your ankles only. The best posture would be with your legs together and pointed in the 10 o'clock or 2 o'clock position while sitting with straight back holding notepad to show you are ready to take notes.

    This is one of my big determining issues when I interview potential employees for my business. If they come to an interview they should be willing to pay attention and remember what they are being told and if I see them making notes I know they are making an effort to learn and retain what I am taking time to tell them. If they are not making notes I always wonder how attentative they will be with details and how concerned they are with proficiency.

    Lastly, be centered and balanced at all times. Don't panic or show dissappointment if you don't know the answer to any questions asked. How you handle yourself in these situations shows your ability to handle situations. You can always ask or search out the resolution to a problem or situation by including your supervisors or instructors This shows desire to learn your profession right and ability to work with others. This is an important quality for workers and students to have. Don't show fear of not knowing any answer it's normal not to know everything that can come up in an interview. Stay calm. You can find the answers to anything you don't currently know. That's how you remain centered and balanced under stress.

    Remember, if you don't get in here there is other places to attend as well. I'm sure you will do fine. Good luck to you and I hope I have helped at least with part of your question.

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  • 3 years ago

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