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Chinese eating baby fetuses!!!!!?

Omg! i just finished my research on that! i can't believe the insanity of that country, on top of torturing what they eat (dogs, cats, cows and animals we don't even consider for consumption) now they are eating baby fetuses, after women go and get abortions done people go to hospitals and they buy this fetuses, after cooking them they eat them thinking this will help with their health!!

what do you guys think????

Here's the link to a video on youtube it is pretty disturbing

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BTW! I did a whole research on this i didn't just get the info from youtube!!

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    The Chinese culture is very different to anyone elses.

    Yes, they do eat anything that walks, crawls, flies or swims. And yes, they eat the whole animal. My brother lives in China, and has had fried ducks chins ffs.

    There is a reason behind their madness. 90% of the population is very poor. Most of these are farmers. In order to feed the massive population, they need to eat whatever they can.

    There are restaurants that serve nothing but animal penises. But only the rich can afford to dine there. They have very strange customs and we cannot condem them for the centuries old ideals. We can only sit back and either accept or not that many countries of the world offer a huge array of cultures and customs.

    Lets face it. In the UK 'sweetbreads' are still served in many restaurants. These are nothing more than stuffed bulls bollocks. Gross eh? But what could you eat during the war?

    Sheeps brains, Pigs trotters? All eaten daily in the UK only 30-40 yrs ago.

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    Do you believe everything you read on the internet? All I could find were a bunch of over zealous religious racists preaching against abortions. These ridiculous people want us to believe that if we continue to allow abortions to be performed in our country, then we'll eventually turn into cannibals too. A lot of cultures have been accused of this throughout history, but it just never hapened. I've seen pieces of ancient propaganda that show the rival tribe butchering and roasting babies, but there are no bones with evidence of butchering, roasting or stewing as is usually found where cannabalism has occurred.

    Source(s): non-Western history class That looks like a doll on his plate.
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    Baby carrots? Baby corn? Baby oil?

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    You don't have to live there or eat their food so what do you care? Hello Western World! Eastern cultures are different than ours - GET OVER IT! No one is asking for your approval or for you to eat it so who cares? And anyway - can you prove that it doesn't help with their health?

    And finally - everything I have ever read or heard about abortions, babies don't come out whole like that. Not to be gross or disturbing, but the abortion process smashes the baby to bits.

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    SIGH . . . it is a hoax. This is just a video that spreads racist ideas (and you're helping to spread that). As one poster said, the original context of the video was distorted. It was an artistic piece, if I'm not mistaken. It isn't real. Check out this link:

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    This was really sad to watch, even more so after finding out just yesterday I had a misscarriage!!! Made me cry all over again!!! I feel so bad!!!

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    couldn't watch your clip, as the thought of that really made me feel ill. Surely that is classed as cannibalism.

  • Are you sure you didnt just watch a japenese horror film?

  • Anonymous
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    You honestly believe religious propaganda posted on youtube?

    Those photos were edited from a PREFORMANCE ART PIECE:

    BTW what is the problem with raising dogs and cats for food, it isn't like they are pets. I eat rabbit and I have a pet rabbit, there's a difference.

    PS "Sweetbreads" are the pancreas and thymus glands, not the testicles, though testicles may be eaten.

  • wow, that is truely disturbing. I don't think I will ever be able to eat my beloved general tso's chicken.

    All I can say is what goes around comes around, they'll get theirs

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