Why is it Traditional to have Turkey at Christmas Time?

I was posting this for my daughter, pretty random yes but would be interesting to find out!


sorry should have added that we live in the uk

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    The traditional bird to have at Christmas was always Goose.

    Which is a fatty fowl but this gave us goose fat to rub into our chests when we had winter colds (Vick is better).

    When we discovered the Americas in 1770's there were loads of big breasted birds running around wild.

    One of these birds could feed 10 or more people so they shipped live birds back to Britain and ancestors of Bernard Matthews came into being.

    Butchers did a good trade in these birds and so it became traditional to have one at Christmas, Easter or any other big celebration.

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    4 years ago

    Why Turkey At Christmas

  • Anonymous
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    I thought turkey was traditional for Thanksgiving and Goose or Ham was traditional for Christmas. One Christmas carol talks about the goose is getting fat.

    Wait a minute. I want to eat at o o's house.

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    Actually in my family turkey is traditional for Thanksgiving and ham is traditional for Christmas.

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    Turkey for Thanksgiving;

    Roast beef or goose for Christmas;

    Ham for New Year's Eve.

    History of the first Thanksgiving:


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    These answers aren't making it easy for you are they? Although everyone is right about the goose and everyone else about having other stuff (I find turkey too dry). I don't know why turkey has become the 'tradition' - perhaps it's something to do with price.

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    My family has Turkey at Thanksgiving and Ham at Christmas. Some people have Turkey because they like it or because it is low-fat. Also Turkey Stuffing is delicious. I am American.

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    Wrong. Turkey for Thanksgiving, Goose for Christmas, pizza or sandwhiches for New Years (For Mexicans, Tamales for New Years) and Ham for Easter because pork is not allowed during Lent and Easter breaks the Lent season fasts on pork.

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    turkey is traditional for thankgiving not chirstmas, i never heard of anyone eating turky OLNY at chirstmas, we have many things like roast beef and stuffed chickens and lamb. but turkey... No too much of that at thankgiving thank you, haha

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    Not really. But it could be because the food industry selling turkey have lobbyists who promote use of turkey during the Holidays.

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