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How do I stop my telephone line from crackling?

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We moved into a new build house and paid BT about £100 for a 'new line'. Ever since we have had noise on the line so bad that we can barely hear people on the other end when ...show more
Update : Just to add to this, I have tried another phone - same problem. I have ...show more
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You can do your own line test by the following:-

Unplug any extension phones, extension cables, answer machines or fax (anything except the phone you will use to do the test!).

Plug a normal touch tone phone directly into the BT master socket.

Dial 17070, press option 2 (quiet line test)

You should hear 'Quiet Line Test' and then silence, there should be no pops, clicks, whistles, buzzing etc. If there is noise on the line, make sure it's not your phone's connection to the socket (wiggle it about a bit) and that you are using the master socket. If you are sure its the line making the noise then dial BT and report the fault, they should be able to sort it out. Remember that 'mis-reporting' a fault (e.g. if it turns out to be your phone, extension cord etc.) may be charged a call-out fee by BT.

Hope that helps.

Oh, by the way, you have got a filter plugged in if you're on broadband, haven't you?

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I will try the test. I have got filters plugged in though.
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  • El Cid answered 8 years ago
    First check with another phone set. If it is still crackling, then it's the line. Check if the cable into your house is overhead, and if it is, is it touching any branches? If it is, it could be the movement that's causing the poor connection. You can also check the terminal box to make sure that all the cables are in the sockets securely. If they are attached by screws, then tighten them. If they are pushed in, you can buy plastic pushers and redo it to see if that will cure it. If all else fail, tell BT and complain.

    Following on from the info in your additional, I would suggest you tell BT you want to cancel your contract with them, quoting 'BT has supplied a service not fit for its purpose'. After all, if you cannot use it, why keep it? They might then do something if you explain why you are cancelling. If they don't go to TalkTalk and tell them you will only give them your business IF they give you a good working line. Put that in writing and make them understand that you will hold them to it.
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  • Loco Joe answered 8 years ago
    We had the same problem. Technician checked the mail line and found water in a splice near our house. He hung a ladder on the line, let the water drain out, re spliced the pair for our house coated with a silicone grease (to keep water away from that pair of wires) and fixed the problem.


    Personal experience. (Service Tech was my cousin)
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  • funny_smartlovely answered 8 years ago
    i had the same problem which have just had fixed. im with virgin and the engineer took 10 minutes to fix it was a part of the cable outside that fixed to the telephone pole. As for bt tell them that if they dont fix it you aint paying for it or cancel your contract and go with someone else.
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  • Raine answered 8 years ago
    Are you sure the problem is not your actual telephone?
    if it is your line, demand they send a engineer out to listen to the problem from your end.
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  • How do I stop my telephone line from crackling?
    We moved into a new build house and paid BT about £100 for a 'new line'. Ever since we have had noise on the line so bad that we can barely hear people on the other end when they call us or we call people. It is so bad that we don't use it any more and rely on cell/mobile phones . BT are charging us money every month for something that doesn't work and they say the line is ok when they test it. What can I do to fix it? Do I need a telecoms engineer out?
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