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Stargate Atlantis episode season three?

What's your favorite Stargate Atlantis episode from season three? Why? Thanks!

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    Here's my favorite episode(s) from season three.Sorry there's more than one!

    Echoes-I think it was like the first Stargate Atlantis episode I'd ever seen,just LOVED the set,and everyone had earaches (which I found quite peculiar,since most shows,the normal injury is to get shot.)

    The Ark-Cool.

    Sateda-Good,but very sad.

    The Return,Pt.1 & 2-O'NEILL! It was hilarious,and the part with the turtles...(Beckett had turtles as pets and was worried about them,Sheppard suggested eating them!). And the part where they leave Atlantis....

    Tao Of Rodney-The only downside being that the show was mostly about Rodney,it was very funny.

    Phantoms-Pretty good,'cept some parts of it was confusing.....(like,who's alive and who's dead?).

    The season finale (don't know the title)-Wild! And now they're lost in space...Seems like getting in trouble is their specialty.

    Funny thing,these are all the episodes I've seen from that season!

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    I just bought this season a few days ago and having finally seen it, I can say that it's awesome! Although I liked every episode without Lucius Lavin, my favorite episode of the season is "Prodigy" because of all the sweet special effects. As I said though, it was a great season. Here's an annoyingly in depth list of the other episodes that rank among my favorite.

    "McKay and Mrs. Miller" - Who can forget about Meredith?

    "The Return" (both parts) - When you mix the Atlantis cast with Jack O'Neill, Richard Woolsey, a couple hundred Ancients, and a group of robots who like to stick their hands in people's heads, you're bound to come up with something good! Okay, maybe not, but it turned out great.

    "Echoes" - QUOTE ...the Canadian Football League is a joke...Meredith. UNQUOTE

    "Tao of Rodney" - McKay swiped a donut, read people's minds, invented a new math, and even made the lights flicker!

    "Sunday" - I feel so mad everytime I see Beckett make the hand-off! Why him?!

    "Vengeance" - I don't care if this was a rip-off of the average monster movie, I liked it.

    "First Strike" - Again, great special effects...and references to Marvel comic books.

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    I haven't seen much of it, but I really liked Vengeance. Again, just very entertaining, especially watchig\ng SGA deal with the concenquences of their action.

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