I fight to keep my country free.... so why do sum think that's not enough and treat soldiers like dirt?

I understand that this is a free country, and we as soldiers provide that freedom... having someone in this country treat soldiers like dirt, saddens me and tears at the soul's of soldiers, we put our life on the line so that many will live and continue having our freedom here in the United States. If you can't support and love us for what we do to provide the freedom that you enjoy so much... then feel free at anytime to stand in front of us...

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    when the bill comes due for your stupid war you will have taken away our freedom......lead mouth

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    Can't explain why. During Vietnam when we came back we were spit on and called baby killers. Yet the ones that did it were never there to experience seeing your friends killed by a young child that set off an explosive device. If they had to walk in your shoes for even a day in a hostile environment they would have a different view. It takes a very special man or women to join the military and to put their life on the line. Especially for some of the ungrateful people that take their freedom for granted. I SALUTE YOU and the members of the military today. The many veterans of this nation stand behind you. We know what you are going through.

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    First off thank you for serving your country. You asked a straight up question and I try to provide you with straight up answers.

    People love soldiers when they are fighting for the right cause (such as WW2) but some people hate them when they're involved in the wrong cause (such as Vietnam, and I'll go ahead and say it... Iraq).

    Why? Because soldiers enable the disagreeable policies of the government to be carried out. Of course it is just the duty for soldiers to follow their orders, they also protect the country in times of need so it's not exactly fair is it? What can I say - life isn't always fair.

    I'll give you some other possible reasons some people might hate soldiers - remember Abu Ghrab? How about the famous cold blooded execution caught on video of a Vietnamese from a few decades ago? How many untold stories of civilian rape have occured in military history? How many accidental civilian deaths? How many times has a good soldier felt it necessary to cover up the bad actions of his buddy b/c they are both on the same side? Events such as these arouse anger not just b/c of the cruelty of military figures against humans, but because they reflect badly on your fellow countrymen. Many people become pacifists because they know tragedies such as these WILL happen in just about every war.

    You may have gotten the impression that I might be someone who would treat a soldier like dirt, but I'm not. Military defense is perhaps the most important function of a government. I support soldiers who carry out their duty honorably, and hope the deviants get punished to the full extent of the law.

    Hope that helps

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    Some people cannot separate the job from the worker. You are an employee of the govt - you must do as you are ordered, but you do not get to choose your orders.

    I am against the war effort in Iraq, but I am involved in troop support services, like sending care packages. My dad is a Vietnam Vet and he still has hard feelings about the way he and his comrades were treated upon returning home.

    Please be proud of your job and realize that people who connect you personally to their problems with Bush or the govt are ignorant.

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    Maybe they don't understand( realize) how lucky they are because of U guys. I from Japan so I can tell this. If U R American and if something happened to U in the foreign country, strong chance U will be saved. Because U guys will come and save them. If something happened Japanese in foreign country.. .. Well, we just need wait and watch ( pray) their country will save our ppl. ( Sad... but true) I maybe wrong but I also think UN is nothing without U guys. I think no matter where U live U see ppl like that. ( often they do love to open their mouth and judge everything they can think of but do nothing good . We do have that kind ppl, too.) Often those ppl only see just U.S not thinking whole world. That's why some ppl don't get it how lucky they are. That's how I feel and how I see those ppl. But also there is a ppl who is appreciate U.S.Military ppl, too. BTW, sry for my English mistakes. But I hope U will understand what I'm try to say to you and I hope U to know even non American can be appreciate U guys, too. To me most of world is safer because of you guys and I want to U to proud what you doing.

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    You didn't think you'd be universally applauded when you put on that uniform did you? There'll always be a few that have no understanding or appreciation for what military members do in the name of our government, the people and even the losers that disrespect us, whether it's a popular war or not.

    There were no home coming parades for me and my generation that participated in the Vietnam War. No one greeted me at the airport with signs of 'Welcome Home' and some of my friends were called 'Baby Killers' and worse, but I let that kind of crap slide off my back and walked through that airport with my head held high because I knew I'd done my job the best I could do.

    You can't let those people get to you. Consider the source, write it off to their ignorance, walk proud and know you're doing what you've been called to do in the finest tradition of the men that went before you.

    Source(s): Retired USAF Master Sergeant
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    Welcome home to dinky dau41, my brother! Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, like 41 said , when we came home , we were spit on & despised. Today, most of you troops are called heroes, while we were either ignored as an embarrassment, or called baby killers & drug addicts. Soldiers throughout history are treated as attack dogs on short leashes. When there's a burglar on the prowl, people love us, but other times we're just an ignorant brute to be made fun of. Hang in there , your brothers in arms respect you.

    Source(s): Vietnam Vet
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    1 decade ago

    I wonder if Kerri knows the only reason she is allowed her stupid opinion is because of American soldiers.

    So many ignorant young people today.

    I wonder if she would like to live in an oppressive country where she would have to ask a male member of her family for her opinion.... or even to go outside.

    Some do not realize have lucky we have it here, and it is sad.

    I respect and appreciate all members of our military.

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    1 decade ago

    Young GI'S have been asking the question for

    as mainy years that has had a war.

    People don't reliaze that with out our sons,fathers, daughters,

    fight ing for freedom,there woulden t be any.There

    is people who hate AMERICA,but love the

    freedum ,and woulden't leave it,

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    I am proud of each and every person in any branch of the military. I would have joined the Army, but I got pregnant by a sailor LOL. Anyway, I appreciate what you do for us. Don't let a few morons get you down. Be proud of yourself and know that you are contributing to one the most important parts of keeping America #1.

    Source(s): Third generation navy wife.
  • 1 decade ago

    Some people treat everyone like dirt? Did you expect that by being a soldier you were going to change human nature?

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